You guys, I really had to sacrifice a piece of myself for this post.

Seriously. I lost like, a quarter of my brain cells, and definitely a bit of my hearing after all the bleeding my ears did. Did you say something?

And I’m not even referring to this gem featuring the so-very-talented Miley Cyrus. (It’s like a car crash. I don’t even know how I find these things/why I watch them.) I’m not even talkin’ about the creative genius that is Sir Kanye West for his (and Kim’s) performance in Bound 2. (This version is better by the way.) Although they all inspired this post.

I’m talking about the noise I heard on local radio station Q102 as I drove home from work a few days ago. I rarely listen to this station, but once in a while I do enjoy something on the pop side of things, to get me dancin’ while I’m drivin’. Q102 plays pop, rap/r&b, and the occasional hipster song. When the “song” started and someone started to yell “AY” repeatedly to the beat of a bell tolling, I was immediately captivated. It was like the heavens had opened before me, and all of the angels were singing on high. I think I had like three epiphanies. It all made sense…you know….life.

In reality I furrowed my brow and stared at my radio, thinking of ways to set it on fire or smash it to bits. Yet my hand didn’t lift itself to the dial and simply change the station. It couldn’t. I couldn’t. I had to listen until the end, frozen, a prisoner in my own body. I’m not even sure how I found my way home; my mind had gone blank for those few minutes, and when the torture ended I was never the same again. I was particularly amazed at how the smut had made it to the radio, since half of it had to be bleeped out due to inappropriate words.

Driving home from my j-o-b, I listened to someone yell “AY AY AY” and “pimps up, pimps up, hoes down, hoes down”, as I wondered whether or not I could afford all of the presents I have to buy this year….while this dude is probably driving a Mercedes. Blegh. I’m seriously considering getting my ass in a recording studio, drinking three bottles of wine and yelling profanities into a microphone. Think I’d sell an album?

Not that I want to give this crap more publicity, but what would this post be without the source of it all? I apologize in advance.

At least the title calls it like it sees it. This certainly is sh!t!


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32 responses to “Sh!t!

  1. Sorry, Nicole, couldn’t do it, had to skip the clip I’m afraid, that stuff does my head in…

  2. Jolie Michele

    The way he cuts his words off makes him sound like he has a speech impediment. I’m probably going to get shot for saying this, but I wouldn’t be surprised if even the ghettos were ashamed of this song… K, I am officially going to hell. This is whack though. Thanks for sharing ! 😉

    • LOL. That made me laugh so I’m probably going to hell too. But really, I don’t mind rap that is well done. But this….is not well done. Thank you for reading! And I’m sorry you had to share in the ear bleeding party!

  3. Well, after that build up I just couldn’t do it either. 😉

  4. What the heck. I made it all the way through the ad and about 30 seconds into the song and I think I actually have to go upstairs and lay down for a minute to restore my desire to continue living on this planet. That was so bad. Like… musical epilepsy bad. I’d settle for Miley Cyrus as a chaser to that one, just to get it out of my head…

  5. “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)” has had an equally disturbing effect on me. I’ve since forgotten what my life was like before I saw that video – but I’d give anything to travel back to that moment.

  6. SMUT! I love it! That’s probably the perfect word to describe it. I am not a fan now, and I wasn’t a fan then. Please lock all this bunk in a basement somewhere away from sensitive ears like mine. Blah…

  7. Why did i even played that?!

  8. calahan

    I think I just found the words that will be going into our Christmas cards, this year!

  9. I watched a clip of Bound 2 before I watched the Franco/Rogen version. I can’t stand Kimye!! They make me ill.

  10. It’s stuff like this that make me grateful someone stole the radio out of my truck, and wrecked the dash enough that I still haven’t bothered to put one back in it! God bless the radio thief, he saved me from the Sh!t…

  11. OMG. A large piece of me just died. You warned us but I had to listen/watch. As a music lover/hobbyist musician/guitar player I have only respect for talented musicians that work hard and believe in actually performing LIVE.
    Can’t listen to rap. CANNOT. But you had me so curious. What a stellar piece of the music community this “ARTIST” is. Not to mention what he is doing to reverse our negative “GANGSTA” stereotypes. Such a powerful statement against “THUG LIFE”……….NOT!!! What a complete pile of the title this is. Thanks for making me laugh in your lead up, but making me cry angry tears at the state of the “MUSIC” industry these days. UUGGHH.
    I need to go take a long shower now. Wash all this SH!T off me. LOL.

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