There’s voices in my kitchen.

Kitchen. (Don't mind the festive looking buck head.)

Kitchen. (Don’t mind the festive looking buck head.)















Sometimes, while I’m lying on the living room couch, the dog or the cat will suddenly whip their head up to the same corner of the ceiling, eyes like dinner plates. No amount of arm flailing or name calling breaks either of them from their trance; it’s only when whatever has demanded their attention breaks its grip that one of them looks at me with a “what?”. Creepy, to say the least.

A few months ago I was standing in our kitchen. Joe was either upstairs, or not home at all. I can’t remember. But what I do remember is the deep voice, slightly drunk, calling out a nonchalant “hey” directly behind me. I almost gave myself whiplash, turning to see who the hell had broken into my house and was now trying to make conversation. But when I turned all I saw was the refrigerator, the kitchen table, the basement door. Nothing else. My heart leapt high into my throat with that feeling you get when you almost drop the turkey on Thanksgiving day. I told Joe, I told my best friend, we discussed and let it go.

Today I scrubbed the house from top to bottom, in anticipation of the in-laws arriving tomorrow. As I vacuumed the kitchen rugs the two dogs swarmed me, barking and biting at the vacuum because it’s their sworn enemy. With my back to the table in the photo, vacuum roaring and dogs barking, I suddenly heard another “HEY”, or something like it, boom clearly over every other noise. I had that heart-leaping-out-of-my-throat feeling again, immediately, and when I whirled around I expected to see Joe standing behind me, telling the dogs, like usual, to knock it the hell off. Besides being startled my first thought had been “what is he doing home from work?”; but, like before, there was no one there. I texted him right away.

After Googling a bunch of nonsense I decided to take that photo. I don’t see any strange white orb thingies floating around, or any faces in the shadow on the basement door. All I see is a nice clean kitchen (hey, I’d just spent an hour scrubbing the countertops). I’m not sure what I believe in when it comes to the paranormal, but this experience – and the kooky relationship between the animals and the living room ceiling – has me seriously thinking something is floating around this house. I mean, it is sixty-something years old.

Does anyone else find themselves experiencing strange sounds or feelings in their own home? Maybe it’s all in my head.


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24 responses to “There’s voices in my kitchen.

  1. omg, i am alone right now… reading this alone in the dark is not a good idea… now i feel scared! 😦

  2. a few months ago, i could feel someone sniffing me like a dog. i could feel his / her breath on my belly. it moved up to my mouth and i could smell beer. it was a very strong song. I woke up (though i wasn’t sure if i was asleep) screaming at the top of my lungs, opened my eyes but saw no one in the room. it happened thrice, the third time being the worst. Whatever that was, I am glad that it has never bothered me again recently.

  3. **i meant “strong odor”, not song

  4. I have had a ghost that lives with me. It’s been living with me for years, since I was a kid really. So yeah I’ve heard things, seen things and my ghost plays fetch with the dog. I’ve written about him, “Abe”, in my blog a few times. So I believe you.

  5. I’ve heard similar accounts from other people, but I’ve never experienced anything like this myself.

  6. At my house we have had a few interesting happenings… Unexplainable… So I believe you!

  7. Oh I have had that same experience before! And in my old house here in Germany, I used to hear footsteps going up the stairs. I never told anyone until one time a friend stayed over and mentioned it to me. She had heard it! I’m not sure what I believe either but how do you explain some things?

  8. That’s so scary! I mean, in theory I don’t believe in all these things… But on the other hand I don’t believe you hear random voices in your ehad either…

  9. Kinda creepy to live in a possibly haunted house. Creepy cool tho. As long as no malicious stuff is happening. If it keeps up you might want to look into the history of the property.

  10. You’re not alone. My sister and I had similar experiences when we were younger. I had an instance where something was jumping on my bed, like a little girl or something. I could feel the springs bouncing. I thought it was my cat, but after a continuous bouncing, I looked over to nothing and the bouncing stopped, as if a child had decided at that moment to place both hands on the bed to stop themselves. Plenty of weird in my life.

  11. I lived in a “haunted” house growing up, Nicole. I would often get locked in the bathroom, I think as jest, like the energy was playing pranks on me. It never felt malicious, just playful. And in that same house, my mom and I would hear the sound of boots walking around upstairs while we would sit downstairs. I’m sure there was more, but I don’t remember. Come to find out, there had been a murder in that house sometime before we lived there.

    My animals all hear and see things that I don’t, but I always follow their stares and look and smile and ask them who they see. Why not? I wonder sometimes if it’s my mom’s energy or other family, because lots of weird things happen in that arena, but who knows?

    Next time the voice says hey, say hey back and talk to it sometimes. If the dogs don’t bark at it, I wouldn’t worry.

    Love ya!

  12. Na. You’re not alone. I have a ghost that likes to follow me around, no joke. He told me that his name is Billy. He likes to move stuff on me.

  13. It’s probably just demons or something. Nothing to be worried about. Next time you hear ‘HEY’, just yell back “WHAT?????”

  14. Way way back when I was married and would take the family dog for a walk, she would often look behind us, repeatedly and nervously, when we were in a certain area between the city swimming pool and the tennis courts. Nothing and nobody was ever there. One time, with absolutely no wind that night at all, she had been acting weirdly again, and just after we left that same park and crossed the street, the stop sign we passed rattled and shook, just once, like there was a freak gust of wind. I believe there are spirits some places on Earth, but that makes me think there’s an afterlife of sorts, and that’s a whole different can of worms.

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