living is not simultaneous

Prison Ruin In Jeddah (Donovan OMalley)

Prison Ruin In Jeddah (Donovan OMalley)


without you i sleep

in patterns of fine lace

in spur of the moment

pearl drops of rain


without you i breathe in

the remnants of some life

like shattered glass

like spills of laughter


i move in frames now

i thrive in miniature bursts

living is not simultaneous

living is intervals of emotion


darkness is a constant

i haven’t yet seen

even behind eyelids

i wait for you to go.








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6 responses to “living is not simultaneous

  1. This is a eerily powerful piece. Captivating and vast in it’s brevity.

  2. Glad to see that leave you… Love this, as always.

  3. ‘living is intervals of emotions’…that line stopped me in my reading tracks. I had to speak it out loud to hear the words as my eyes didn’t seem able to catch the full sense of the phrase. Then I had to ponder on it for a bit before I could finish the poem. I love it when that happens, when words are strung together in a way that slams the brakes on a rushed evening, and makes me pay attention.

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