I finally had the opportunity to write with this lovely lady. Check it out!


I am very excited to finally have something to post with this beautiful lady.  I believe I first met Nicole Marie during a twitter conversation happening between several other very talented bloggers over a year ago.  Since then I have been lucky enough to watch her life unfold on Facebook and I think she is without a doubt one of the most beautifully unique people I know.  Enjoy this new duet piece and visit Nicole Marie if you haven’t already at Words And Other Things.  Please find your way to her blog and get lost inside her world.

Nicole Marie Nicole Marie

Written by Nicole Marie and HastyWords


He tells me I have the most gorgeous eyes

Close them fast as a fading memory, does he still remember they’re blue?


That my skin is perfect and my hair is soft

Does he feel it all like glass when the…

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One response to “THE MELANCHOLIC ME

  1. I read this on Hasty’s site earlier.
    Very powerful! Well done, to both of you.

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