these years are all we have


there are years

.                    decades maybe 

tucked messily between

small hands and

scarred hearts.

.                                    questionable bits of time

for abandoning the

rules buried in skin.


for  unhinging


.                                    screaming at the



collect skeleton keys

in a jeans pocket

unlock every door you’d

.                                  peeked under, cheek to the

cold floor.


give your best impersonation 

.                        of every romance

you’d widened your eyes

.                                    in awe of.

bury your face in

.                someone else’s pillowcase

breathe deep,

.                   it’s all parts

of you now.


face the mirror

trace every                imperfection 

scribble them down and

light a match

this is called

owning your



twist up your

very own



.                ward



it’s your

only chance.


because these years

.             decades maybe

are all we have

to drip concrete


.                 who we are.





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6 responses to “these years are all we have

  1. Makes me wish I had paid more attention to growing up, instead of waking up one day and realizing it had happened..thank you for a nostalgia fix!

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