the meaning of life




time is trivial

for the girl who crashes

like so many waves

on the borders

of her own skin.


knees locked,

still as a r t

her eyes scale buildings

breath and life,

from behind

the collapsing

smoke screen.


drink her in.


she is the framework of

curious endeavors.

her static lips host


on the meaning of life.


back inside she

kneels in the foyer

bows her head

at the mirror

takes off rain boots

like delicate jewels.



it’s morning,

and she is nesting

in the feathers

from the pillows

she c-sectioned with

a butter knife.


the living room is


like winter

and she is b r e a t h l e s s .


on hands and knees

she armies to the kitchen

puts on a pot of tea

gets back in bed

listens for the

high-pitched whistling of




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3 responses to “the meaning of life

  1. Amazing storytelling and imagery in this piece. Love it Nicole

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