she wasn’t so unlike the others


the girl came to be

as an unnoticed list of


of who cares,

in a two-toned,

dried up land:


brown hair, small wave

pear shaped, round faced

stale laugh,

stoic collarbone


helplessly female.


in blacks and navies,

maybe reds when she’d

try to turn faces,

she climbed through

most years with a

white flag on her head.


falling into beds was


for the girl

no one

wanted anyway,

just to say she did,

just to say she

wasn’t so unlike

the others

bathed in gold.


so she ended

how she’d began,

closing her eyes,

lying back in that

porcelain throne,

pinning on the badge of it figures

to a chorus of

oh well,

so what.



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8 responses to “she wasn’t so unlike the others

  1. Such a heavy piece. Truly made me feel. Well written and strong emotional piece Nicole.

  2. So sad, so important and so beautifully written.

  3. I’m not shitting you here, Nicole. You’re an amazing writer. I mean that.

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