and very suddenly

on a whim

.            eyes blind

I packed my mind

and s a i l e d

outside   myself

for a day

or two,

a plan


only when I

.           came back

very s u d d e n l y

I couldn’t





so I

built an army

with my    thoughts

but they


in the dark

and very s u d d e n l y

I lost my breath

out there


for a while

I          screamed at nothingness

then for a while I

swallowed it


and after a while


got back in

but I


out of matches


so now I flounder,

.                 only sometimes

until my eyes adjust

until there are

q u i e t

precious  o u t l i n e s

in the dim .






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6 responses to “and very suddenly

  1. very nice! I had to read it twice!

  2. Beautiful, Nicole. Just beautiful.

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