I was her for days

my mother left on a Tuesday


tea pot screaming on the stove

the wallpaper

fifty year old paisley

peeled like potatoes in her honor


I touched my fingers to hers

so cold, so cold

a fixture of

sky blue highways

roadmaps at her temples

Egypt behind her knees


in her apartment

shelves sat thick with memory

I was elbows bent

on her favorite chair

in the parlor

everything was her, spiced

everything was floral


I was her for days

fleece robe, Billie on vinyl

I tore circles in the green shag rug

called the neighbor darling

drank manhattans before noon

rearranged the roses

held a 38 special to my curls









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17 responses to “I was her for days

  1. Hmmmmm, so very beautiful….

  2. “shelves sat thick with memory”

    Lines like that are why I love your writing so much. I only wish I could conjure up gems like that.

  3. I remember when my best friend’s dad died. The next day I was at their house with my friend. He took a picture of iced tea out of the fridge and we had a glass.
    I remember thinking, his dad made this iced tea. Everything in his house was just as he left it when the EMTs wheeled him out. The last traces of his life went briefly un-touched.

  4. Brilliant – a savage end to a bittersweet nostalgia.
    Wish I could say more, really. Its about the feeling, not the words though,

  5. nicole marie, as much as i admire your spot-on metaphorical writing, i really equally love the images you uncover to illustrate your words. where do you find them all? or do you create some yourself? thanks for your posts, they’re some of the few really worth following on wordpress. cheers tobias

    • Tobias, thank you so much for your kind words. I actually Google each image with whatever words come to mind, depending on the type of piece I am in the mood for writing. I tend to focus mostly on surreal images. You can find the link to each photo underneath the photo itself. Click there for the source. 🙂

      • ah, cool, thanks. they always fit perfectly, even give the words an additional meaning or an angle you wouldn’t have sought in the text. herr dennehy likes. 😉

  6. “held a 38 special to my curls”
    Goosebumps! That’s all I have to say about that. WOW.

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