The Forest

ages ago she’d shape

grand predictions

in the flour snow

her mother poured out

onto the kitchen counter,


so ready was she for

the screaming loss of

the world to pack

sand between her ears


she plotted

by a dulling flashlight

in a

nylon fort

on her mattress boat,

waded excitedly in a

toy box cauldron

stuffed with undressed dollies,


she was studying the future.


her eyes shifted like a prisoner’s

from the single mesh window

out into her bedroom

that was switching landscapes

purple to honest brown, to realness


take it back she sang, frantic

she tried to scotch tape


flimsy doorway

but the truth kept coming in



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7 responses to “The Forest

  1. Oh, how I’ve missed you. Time for a cup o tea and my Nicole fix. What a beautiful way to start. This was so wonderful…and the image that accompanies it–made for your poem that tells a life’s story in just a few words. sigh….
    Now ‘scuse me while I get caught up on your latest treasures.

    • I always get so happy when I see you visiting my page. Thank you for yet another confident boost! 🙂

      • I have been gone for far too long! I think of you often and just absolutely admire your talent. You are for real!

      • Ahh, you flatter me! Meanwhile YOU should be publishing inspirational books because your words always make me smile.

      • Aww…that just makes my day! It takes all kinds of kinds, no?
        I’m actually going to be trying some different stuff soon. Not on my main blog, but some other little spaces I’ve carved out. I’ll let you know how it goes.
        In the meantime, I’ll be slurping your stuff up. Sorry I’d been away for so long 🙂

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