you are

unreasonable elegance in common ranges of motion; you make flipping through the channels a five-star event, poised like a GQ photograph with your sneakers on the coffee table, sourdough pretzel crumbs shining like diamonds in the week old sweater on your cheeks, graying, you don’t care, and neither do I even though I say I do. when you’re gossiping you lift the end of each sentence like a New York City mobster, like a padre calling his bambini with a fat cigar burning in his mouth, and I am tempted to kiss you. that knife you use for everything gleams like a sword from the back pocket of your jeans, I laugh as you pull it out to cut the unruly thread from my t-shirt, slip it away again as graceful as a cowboy in a showdown; I smile at the way I call you home in all of the minuscule ways you cushion my existence. spoiled as a thick faced child I am always tight-roping the wire of your gratefulness; i love you, remember.

and I am

living in the most lush of gardens; reds, reds and golds, they’re all I see.


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9 responses to “Him

  1. Swoon-worthy, Nicole. I just love this. I can’t even pick out a favorite sentence because they each have their own bit of buttery yumminess.
    “you lift the end of each sentence”….sigh…..xo

  2. Aww, so so romantic and sweet! I could feel the love and that’s awesome!

  3. Lili

    I love this, it’s so beautiful and poetic!

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