I reach for relevance


my mother

made dinner

then yelled at the sky,

we watched it turn

red as her gravy.


is it impossible to think

of all the breaths lost

in every one of your smiles?


I am a single note

in your undulating laughter,

throw me on repeat

to keep me around.


my mother

told the sun when to shine,

when death came

she scoffed at it.


I struggle

in between sleep

to give you each a reason

to plaster my voice

to your skin.


I am attempting

the delicate art

of making words dance.

I fashion origami emotions

and throw them into fires.


she was the master

of her makeshift world,

tossing out blows of

aging wisdom

in a pencil skirt,

a dishtowel draped

on one shoulder

like fine silk.


I think of her

but I reach for relevance,

I watch her spark

as it dances like fine jewels

on the skyline.



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5 responses to “I reach for relevance

  1. serins

    This is quite powerful.

  2. “I fashion origami emotions” – what a great line! I particularly like it because, while I understand what it means on an intuitive level, I’d struggle to break down the meaning into words. That’s one of the elements I most enjoy when reading a poem – when the music and feeling of the words combine so well, whilst a strict interpretation remains elusive.

    • Thank you, Blake! I really appreciate that. That’s exactly how I feel – sometimes when I’m writing and a phrase like that one makes its way into my head, I feel it and I get it even though I’m not really sure how I’d explain it.

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