Five Reasons with Meg Lago

Nicole Marie:

Just five more reasons why you should follow us at Tipsy Lit, via the brilliance that is Meg Lago.

Originally posted on TIPSY LIT:

Because why wouldn't you take my advice?  I'M HALF COW. Because why wouldn’t you take my advice? I’M HALF COW.

When I went to college I had to use a fan to sleep through the night because my roommate snored so loud you could hear it all the way in space.  It was the only thing that helped drown out the methodical buzz drones coming out of my roommate’s nasal passage.

Anywhere I went: sleepovers, camp trips, hotels, I needed to have a fan in order to sleep. I became hopelessly addicted to white noise.

That year, I came home for the holidays and my mom, being the saint that she is dealing with a woman-child, had outfitted my room with a nice oscillating fan that allowed me to drift off into dreamland sans interruption.

Then on Christmas, I was faced with the greatest dilemma of all time.  Do I open the big box or the little box?  It had been so long since…

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4 responses to “Five Reasons with Meg Lago

  1. GEEEEE! Thanks so much for sharing :)

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