i see me best

take a look at my body,

can you see it?


I am a slow-dying series of rainstorms

drowning in the possibilities of me


I hide in washes of spiked holy water

and the hazy feel of

hands on these hips,

suddenly they are the gentlest waves


look at me in moonlight

it’s forgiving, that cosmic candlelight

my breasts

they’re almost worldly then


in the dark

I see me best

in the dark

I make shapes

like a goddess


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7 responses to “i see me best

  1. “I am a slow-dying series of rainstorms” – This line. Holy shit. Absolutely amazing.

  2. This is beautiful. The words just beg to be read out loud…or whispered to the lucky dude on the other side of the room 😉

  3. Stunning Nicole. This is so good I have no better descriptive words for it. Amazing.

  4. Twindaddy

    Simply beautiful.

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