Lay’s: Stop Putting Freaky Shit On Potato Chips!

Head on over to Edward’s place for a Saturday giggle; potato chip flavors are seriously getting out of hand.

Edward Hotspur

Lay’s Potato Chips.

They taste just fine with salt. Great, in fact, whether they’re ridged or regular. They taste good in an onion dip.

I like the barbecue and the salt and vinegar. I like the chili lime. But then they started getting weird.


Sriracha was good, but the other two… BLT was not good. Chicken and Waffles – literally no one in my family could finish the bag. We threw it out. Terrible. Just awful. But NOW THEY’RE GETTING STRANGE!!!!


Okay, these things have no business being on potato chips. None whatsoever. But people are voting on them, and they’ll see the light. Just like political election voters do! Ha ha!

But now, they’ve gone too far!!! They’re putting all kinds of weird shit on chips. It’s just sick and desperate, so very desperate. Terrible, really. Like the cable TV of chips. Mostly inedible. Just take a look…

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One response to “Lay’s: Stop Putting Freaky Shit On Potato Chips!

  1. I can’t believe these are real. I agree, salt is great, BBQ is good once in a while also. After a race a bag of salty chips is heaven!
    Perhaps people are cutting back on eating chips, so in desperation they are looking for the next big thing.

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