I held on for dear life


I was taking out the trash

bills past due and desperate credit card applications

an unopened jar of strawberry jam

my sanity

when the walls of our house stopped breathing

and I asked myself

when did our elephants leave?


you were in the kitchen

like you’d always been

two elbows flanking a bowl of cold oatmeal

reading the comics

a collection of coffee rings on the politics

and you looked up at me

like ten years hadn’t just crawled by us


I sat across from you

like an interrogation

folded my aging hands in my lap

searched for clever words in an

unwrinkled napkin

waited for you to lift your spoon

in some heavy proclamation


but you went on reading

stretched one hand out

like a bridge across our table

and I choked

and I held on for dear life

I’d long ago given up my ability to question

if you’d ever even choose to resurrect me


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41 responses to “I held on for dear life

  1. Gorgeous work here, Nicole Marie. Sad and sweet at once.

  2. Hell yeah, that’s awesome. I like the photo you used, too.

  3. Fabulous details that just sucked me in.

  4. Oh Nicole….wow. You never cease to amaze. Love your take on the prompt. Beautiful. Xo

  5. Amazing. Loved the word choices , really had me excited to read the next line

  6. I would resurrect you. With unicorn tears and dragon breath.

  7. What an exquisitely written piece ! Such an imagery to paint Nicole 🙂

  8. Beautiful and evocative of aging relationships…..

  9. Love that last line. You told a story in a poetic way. And i like how you used the question prompt.

  10. You have a good balance of the history between these two (like you’d always been) and the gaps in their relationship now (like a bridge across our table). Also, “an unopened jar of strawberry jam”. Love.

  11. I was loving the line about the jam until I hit the next one, “my sanity,” which I loved even more (two simple words with such strength!), and then the next one took my breath away completely. This whole piece is so vivid (the coffee rings!), so beautifully crafted and feels so familiar, even though it isn’t.

  12. runningonsober

    Wow. This was an ooph poem. Mad love.

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  14. Beautiful! I love the collection of coffee rings on the politics. This truly seems effortless.

  15. Mom

    Yay! So glad I’m following you now!

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