I am still in our bed

I am still counting

your footsteps that faded hours ago

and where you placed

your fingers on me

is still burning like it’s

known death too soon.


Ages ago we were

somewhere in moonlight

decoding one another

and your spine was the most beautiful braille

so I’d close my eyes

inhale your literature

and sing out all your best stories.


I was never aware

that I was becoming illiterate

instead I woke

to the same old sunlight

and suddenly the tides of your breath

were leaving me

empty as the words that had stopped forming.


There is no you

on my lips anymore

just some old story

that has hardened on my tongue

and I am desperate to forget

it was seven


seven footsteps that carried you away from me.


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33 responses to “Seven

  1. Whispering Girl

    “and your spine was the most beautiful braille” Love that. xox

  2. Hector

    This is such a beautiful and romantic poem, leaves me longing and sad at the same time. Your words are so soft yet so intense and your expressions so vivid. I don’t know what else to say to describe how much I like it ❤

  3. Simple yet powerful! Love it! 🙂

  4. “and suddenly the tides of your breath

    were leaving me”

    The absolute ache in those words. Beautifully done, my dear.

  5. spine like braille…the use of literacy. simply brilliant! this is, so far, my favorite this week.

  6. Spine like Braille and being decoded are examples of your brilliant use of imagery. As someone that tends to struggle with “show not tell” I’m your latest fan! Beautiful, romantic, sad – you have woven such a delicate spidersweb of words here! Good job!

  7. Wow, very, very good! I like this one very much. Especially the spine line, like all the others here like as well it seems 🙂

  8. I really enjoyed reading about how she sings their story, but then the ending, ‘hardening on her tongue, the same ol’ story’, very detailed and wonderful flow from one emotion to the other.

  9. “decoding one another / and your spine was the most beautiful braille”
    Love the imagery here. Lovely piece.

  10. Your structure and punctuation work so well, allowing the words to flow uninterrupted, bringing the reader through the currents of the emotions. Very powerful.

  11. Oh! Oh, what a wondrous journey you took me on. From birth to death of this relationship I was enthralled. And this line… this line…
    “so I’d close my eyes
    inhale your literature
    and sing out all your best stories”!
    I love the narrator’s realisation that it’s illiteracy not literacy that she’s gained.

  12. Meg

    The imagery here is gorgeous. Love the body-as-literature metaphor.

  13. So, everyone above me here has already said pretty much everything that I would like to say, so I’ll just throw out there that your subject was wrenching, your word choices gorgeous (I can’t even pick which line was my favorite), and I’m just going to go sniffle in the corner for a moment now…

  14. I really like your concept of loving someone as reading and the end of a relationship as becoming illiterate. It feels that way—not being able to understand everyday things—after a break up.

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  16. I think you are a talented poet.

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