white girl

Simply amazing. Please, give this one a listen – from a very talented writer friend.

The SisterWives

Spoken Word and I go back a long way, and have a very…complicated relationship.
But some words just can’t stay on the page. This was written to be performed as spoken word poetry, so I recorded it as such. 

If you’d like to hear me, please click the link below:

stapleton 11 Post image by Briton Underwood and Hastywords

 white girl

I should have married the boy I fell in love with in 3rd grade

I’d be living in a big house in Brooklyn

Languid back yard days balanced with jive smoky Blue Note nights

Bedroom walls covered in laminated clippings

testaments in black and white

like me and Jamie

His drumming made me wet when I was 8, and he was 9.

Staten Island, Stapleton projects, and cause we were the only white family at 67 Hill Street I kissed a baker’s dozen of black boys

To see

to see

to see…

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