I have never

been more aware

that we are dying than when

my body came full as a

banquet – there are

new roots that run from

every fingertip I am

swollen, full and only

thriving, easy even on

my own green eyes

in the bedroom mirror

and my whole self is

a terrified power house,

I have never tried so

hard to be alive now I

can feel it in my blood

in how my husband

cups our whole world in

his hands just beneath

my paper skin I lay my

own hands on our future,

I am shifting, busy living

to the fullest, truly.


Filed under Writing

7 responses to “Fullest

  1. I love this Nicole. Stunningly heartfelt.

  2. You’re going to have beautiful kids, my pretend daughter. I’ve missed you. Sorry I haven’t been on in a while. Been… living.

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