paper fires

you string me up

like paper flowers


you –


sandpaper fingers,

your hard work makes territory

of my skin and still I turn my mouth

upwards in slow motion.


I read my future

by the soft light of you.


recognition pours from your bones

and uncurls me like paper fires in reverse;

I’d spent years digging through the ashes of my

childhood only to find my voice in your chest


that splintered, vulnerable thing

that lets me thank you every morning

when we are nothing more than a

confusion of limbs and braille lips


barely ever necessities we are,

but I won’t bother with words when

I can read you with my eyes closed.


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8 responses to “paper fires

  1. Saloni

    Beautiful !!

  2. My god, that was beautiful.

  3. I like the use of language and imagery. I love the way you carefully wrap and unwrap imageries in word. I love it

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