#BeReal. It all starts HERE.


Welcome to the #BeReal series!

Over the next month, I am showcasing several unique people.  You will judge them.  That’s okay.  And it will be natural for you to do that.

I put together this series because teens everywhere are jumping on this #DontJudgeMe bandwagon.  Well, I think the trend needs some context.  The hashtag #DontJudgeMe seemed to come from nowhere.  But it spread like wildfire, and was used millions of times in a very short period of time!  If you don’t know what I am talking about, just Google “#DontJudgeMe” and you will see thousands of teens making #DontJudgeMe videos. You can read more about what I think of the challenge HERE.

We live in a kaleidoscope world where we’re all different.  We are living art.  Being viewed and critiqued by those around us.  We are quickly assessed and categorized.  We are judged by everyone we meet.  That’s how we work.  It’s part of…

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