I’m over at Hasty’s place today as part of the amazing #BeReal series.


My #BeReal guest today is Nicole Marie.

Nicole is my favorite poet.  She writes things that whisk me into other worlds.  BUT it was her picture that first drew me to her.  Her tattoos and the stories they told me about her.  She is a storyteller both with her words, her dress, her hair, the pictures she takes.

Now before you think I am too totally in love I will ask you to fall in love with her too.

Be poetic.  Be real.



What am I passionate about?

I’m almost ashamed to admit I just hurried into our kitchen to ask my husband this very question. “Writing, running, image,” he spouted off before my brain could even begin to conjure up any possibilities (perhaps more proof that he knows me better than I know myself, and in turn is oh so perfect for me).

I’d never thought of these…

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2 responses to “#BeReal – NICOLE MARIE

  1. thosewordsshewrote

    Oh, I loved this post and your poem! Thank goodness for Retweets as otherwise I would never have stumbled across you! Lexie X

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