Mother in the Dark



I have built a respectable home

With all the muddy flesh of motherhood.

My son nestles in and dreams with small hands

That cup the treasures on my chest – his now,

Soft and modest as they are but dripping

Liquid gold into his open, expectant mouth.


I mourn for a body that is no longer mine

Yet is strength without muscle. I run tired fingers

Along all the fullness of me and knead shapes

Into the flesh like some sort of amateur potter.

I throw words at my reflection: nourishment,

Goddess, humbled origin.


In the dark I belong to me, to my husband’s

Large hands that cup the two soft, pale things

On my chest he claims to be in awe of but I am

Heavy as the ocean once again. He hovers over me

Like molasses, whispers gentle reminders into

Every inch, every gentle curve.






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11 responses to “Mother in the Dark

  1. rachel

    beautiful description of a real woman.

  2. I am so happy for you, and sorry that I haven’t really kept in touch. Life, etc., got in the way. I want you to know I’m proud of you, and not in that condescending cheesy way, either.

    • Edward!!!!! It’s ok! I’ve missed you! I hope all is well. Thank you so much. Our little boy is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. 🙂

      • I’ve missed you too! So much! I’m sorry I “went away” for a while. You have the cutest and coolest fam ever! What’s little guy’s name? I bet you’re an awesome mom! I know you are.

        OH Guess what? I’m going to be a grandfather in December! Yeah, my daughter is having a little boy! I’m psyched. Other than being old enough to be a grandfather. lol

  3. Jessie Martinovic

    one of the most touching segments of writing I have read in a while, thank you

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