we still love



she spies love

like a hurricane in her thin chest.


he holds her with rough hands,

makes use of his photographic memory

when he holds her and she turns away.


but remember this, she says:

we used to love in the dark,

when love was a good sunrise,

when our bodies understood one another,


before time made us love just a little more quietly.


we still love, she says.


only this way:

with each gentle sway of our son as he falls asleep in our arms

in fingers interlocked across the console after grocery shopping

at the dinner table, covered in conversation and pureed carrots

in sighs of exhaustion and mumbled goodnights


and sometimes




in a damn good sunrise.


**Hi from the parent side of things!!! It’s been WAY too long….but I’m still trudging along with this chapbook and raising this absolutely amazing little boy (who is almost ONE, by the way).

I’ll try to show my face around these parts a bit more often. I hope everyone is well.



Nicole Marie




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6 responses to “we still love

  1. So wonderful to read your words again! xo

  2. I like the creativity of ‘We Still Love’
    Looking forward to reading more.

  3. The Poem is so beautiful! It clearly showed your new step-in experience of parenthood. I look forward to see more of your writings. And ya happy birthday to the little boy in advance 🙂

  4. So happy to see you here, again.
    I love your capture of “love after kids.” So many people lament; you found a way to make it beautiful and real all in one space.
    I’m happy to report that this type of love lasts beyond the diapers and busy toddler days. You got this, mama!

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