Dear Beautiful Boy,



I swear I dreamed you up and

That you are really made of starlight.

When you sleep I reach out and connect our

Constellations, just to be sure there are no kinks.


I measure the sharpness of your face and

Wonder if you will be the opposite of me:

A force, a light that others are drawn to like

I am drawn to you. Will you believe in God?

You can believe in anything you want to.


My love for you will never be measured

By your accomplishments.


I am your Mama, Beautiful boy,

long hair or short, ink on your skin,

a painted face, a red dress, on sunny days

and in a rainstorm.


Show me your teeth and your fists

And I promise, I’m your Mama then, too,

Still checking our connections.


There is no conditional love here.



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12 responses to “Dear Beautiful Boy,

  1. Beautiful. My son will be 21 in a couple months and this is all still true!

  2. I shared Dear Beautiful Boy with my daughter, who has a toddler your son’s age. I teared up, she said “awe.” Thanks for sharing that love with us!

  3. enjoy every single second of this precious moments… Time is a thief, he steals our babies and turn them into toddlers, children, teenagers, grow ups… in the blink of an eye… so make the most of every single day you have together! carpe diem! lots of love!

  4. Ward Clever

    Gah… This, and you, and he, are so adorable it hurts… in the way a bird must feel emerging from an egg into the sunlight.

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