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pretty soon

http://www.etsy.com/listing/113717613/at-the-end-of-the-day-8x8-conceptual (Please check out/purchase this girl's amazing artwork.)

(Please check out/purchase this girl’s amazing artwork.)


there is a sign taped lazily to her back that reads judge me,

swollen black letters that spiral out at every edge of the page

like beautiful wedding garland.


she is so perfectly aware

of the eyes that aren’t on her

it’s like they’re

all on her at once,

tracing the weakness of her profile,

having philosophical discussions about

the beauty mark underneath her left eye.


she parts the hand-stitched draperies

every morning

and steps outside to collect the milk,

to chirp good morning at the sun,

always dressed in golds and greens,

always dancing for her illusions.


on a scale of

one to twenty

her back aches three times her age

and when she isn’t sure

where to look

she stares at a finger, a shoe,

twirls a strand of too-short hair

like a telephone cord.


someone speaks and

when she opens her mouth

only dust comes out.


pretty soon she’s bound to

dig up something more than rubble.


pretty soon she’ll strike gold.


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