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I just like the cactus-dog named Bastardino.

Her leggings remind me of Peg Bundy.

Here it comes, boys and girls: another controversial something or other for parents all over the country to get worked up about. This time it’s the new Tokidoki “Gold Label” (ooo!!) Barbie, retailed at $50 but of course already sold out in stores. So, Amazon figured they’d sell it for the reasonable price of $602.49.

Guaranteed a few serious Barbie collectors already grabbed it at that price.

I for one am in full support of this funky, tatted doll. Mainly because I’m sorta funky, and definitely tatted. Her outfit and pink hair and intricate ink are fresh, and reminiscent of fashion and culture today. What’s so wrong with that?

Well of course, several parents feel it’s sending the wrong message to their kids. All the 11 year old girls will now want to dye their hair purple and go under the gun and wear silver, sparkly high heels and dress their pets in cactus suits. But what they’re not considering is this: when was Barbie ever a good role model for young girls? When did Ken ever preach positive body image? It’s alright for Barbie to have large breasts, a size zero waist and bleach blonde hair, but – oh no – don’t you dare put tattoos on her. Now you’ve crossed a line.

She can certainly encourage young girls to regurgitate their SpaghettiOs, but being a fashion-forward individual adorned with beautiful body art is sending the wrong message.

Look around, people. Barbie is simply getting with the times. And she’s certainly not the only thing that’s going to influence your child’s thought process. If you’d like to prevent anything that promotes individuality from entering their young minds, you’d better lock ’em in a closet. And I don’t really suggest that.

Cheers to you, Barbie. You’re a bad-ass.

In other news –

An update on NaNoWriMo Rebellion Day 1:

2,016 words finished this morning. Brain fried. Nine pages added to novel. Feeling good about it. Funny how a “deadline” can make the ideas flow from my fingertips so much easier.


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