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What summer was like

The backseat of my

grandfather’s Lincoln

smelled of warm leather

always saltwater

even folded into his


Mayfair driveway.


Two weeks of

washing with generic

soap bars

and his skin still

made me think of

hard work, cedar,



The name inked

on his shoulder

his own

drooped and faded

quietly like the

sea memories

of a sailor.


They packed away

the soap and

I rolled up the

windows in the

Lincoln so I wouldn’t


what summer was like.


I curve my hands


around the steering


around his shoulders,

I press my forehead

to his happiness.


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Rooftops and writing events.

Drinks and a refreshing breeze.

Yesterday, I spent a wonderful morning and afternoon with some wonderful ladies, being fabulous and spending my chump change on $10 rum and cokes. $30.00 later, I have no buzz but I’m feeling fly like one of the Real Housewives. Atop the Chelsea, we soaked up the rays (myself while covered in plenty of sunblock) and tapped our toes to bubbly elevator music. Rejuvenating.

Meanwhile, I have butchered my hairs, resulting in a very convenient, very low-maintenance cut. After a day of sun, sweat and sand, they had barely changed in their appearance at all – so easy.

Rockin' the pixie.

This coming Saturday – August 6th – I will be attending The Writers’ Bash, put together by the Philadelphia Liars’ Club (which I have just recently discovered), a group of writers in the area that support libraries, publishers, and literature. While the Bash was originally intended as a benefit for one of the club’s writers, L.A. Banks, who was battling a rare form of cancer, a recent update of their blog has revealed that Banks passed away last night. My heart goes out to her family, friends, and fellow writers, and I will be attending the event not only to network but to donate a few dollars to help Banks’ family with the medical expenses of her treatments.

The time has come to rub elbows with as many writers as I can, hand out a few cards, and build some type of support system. Whether you are a writer, a lover of literature, or would just like to show your support for the family, I suggest you check out the Writers’ Bash this Saturday, too.


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A day at the beach filled mostly with tipsy old men and kosher salt.

Why can't this be love?

The  boardwalk was packed with the usual amount of old women and bums today, smoking cigarettes and soaking in the afternoon sun.  Mother and I enjoyed salad and coconut shrimp in a fake rainforest before moving to the beer garden for a Leffe (mine) and a Corona (pft! hers). Our relaxation on the beach lasted about 20 minutes, consisting mainly of bird watching, reading and rubbing on SPF 100. We topped things off with a few more drinks at Sammy’s beach bar and soaked in an atmosphere of bikini-clad waitresses and men that turned every sentence into one word (neitherofwhichiwasinterestedinencountering).

<—-This, by the way, was delicious.

In other news, the woman that hired someone via Facebook to kill the father of her child? Dumb. Reconsider posting everything that’s “on your mind”.

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