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The Song of Myself Talks of Cocktails & Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday to the great American poet, essayist, journalist, the father of free verse, the man with the coolest beard ever, Mr. Walter “Walt” Whitman!

It just so happens that I share the man’s birthday, so in honor of us both I will drink a Philadelphia-brewed Walt Whit today (if you can get your hands on a six pack…you really should). It’s almost as delicious as Leaves of Grass.

I woke at 8:30 to a red rose on the nightstand, a card with “Love” scrawled across the envelope, and a pirate-themed sign reading “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” hung from two windows, surrounded by balloons. My wonderful Joe hung all of this up while I was asleep, and I didn’t even stir. It amazes me I wake up when my alarm goes off. (Pictures to come!)

Today will be filled with both literary and historical goodness, right after the bacon and egg whites.

First, Joe, my mom and I will make our way over the Walt Whitman bridge (duh!) and into Philadelphia, to visit the Edgar Allan Poe house. So excited for this. After, we will cross the street and visit the Liberty Bell, give Benjamin Franklin a little hello, and do all of those touristy things in our wonderful city. The last time I visited the Liberty Bell was probably high school, on some school trip, when we were happy just to be outside for a day and barely paid attention. I have a greater, grownup appreciation for these things now!

The afternoon will end with 18th century fare (and libations, of course) at The City Tavern.

And before a night out with the girls, Joe and I are visiting Mr. Whitman’s grave in Camden. Stay tuned for pictures.

Happy Thursday, everyone! I’m 24 years young!

I CELEBRATE myself, and sing myself,
And what I assume you shall assume,
For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.


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