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Daily Prompt: Back to School

Today’s Prompt:

If you could take a break from your life and go back to school to master a subject, what would it be?

If I go back, I'm hanging out in the library all the time dressed like Molly Ringwald.

If I go back, I’m hanging out in the library all the time dressed like Molly Ringwald.















I’ve been considering a Masters Degree since I graduated with a Bachelors a short time ago. School has always been an awesome motivator for me – I work well with deadlines and being surrounded by a dozen other people who are in it for the same reasons I am. My writing courses not only taught me how to confidently receive criticism, but they were extremely valuable in the editing process of my own work. I had the best professors who never made me feel talent-less or less than another student, but instead showed me ways I could best showcase my writing. Waking up each morning knowing in just a few hours I’d have a room full of people concentrating on my work was enough to keep me up an extra hour each night, tapping away furiously at the keyboard.

When I finished college, I felt a little helpless. I did the whole “now what?” thing and curled up in a tiny ball and stayed in bed for a few days. That’s about the time I started this blog – I needed something new to boost my confidence, to make me feel like I was doing something worthwhile. I didn’t launch into a 9-to-5 career like a lot of others (I’m still bartending!), but I knew I had to find something to keep my creativity chuggin’ along. Since then I’ve wavered back and forth between feeling awesome and feeling like there’s no point.

So – if I were to return to school to master a subject, I’d receive my Masters in Creative Writing. I’m confident enough to think I have something here, but it needs to be polished. I long for those classroom discussions, passing other writers hidden in pockets of the library with coffee and reading glasses. The smell of books, the whirring sounds of a roomful of computers, the tapping at the keyboards. Sometimes seeing others is what we need; it’s like attending an exercise class instead of lazily doing sit-ups in your living room while the television buzzes in the background.

Maybe I should look into taking another writing course, too. 

What would you go back to school for?


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Daily Prompt: Mistress of….what?


1121_1Mistress Lucrezia


If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick?

Well, after suffering some mental blockage like my friend twindaddy (even though his post still turned out epic and hilarious, with help from the Humping Trooper), I crept downstairs to ask the man for some advice. It went something like this: 

Me: “I need help. What am I really, really bad at?” (I’m so good at so many things, it’s hard to find that one thing I could stand to improve upon.)

Joe: “I don’t fuckin’ know!” (Manners!) “Only you know that.”

Me: “Oh please, you know plenty of things I’m horrible at.” (We’re mad about each other, I swear.)

Joe: “I don’t know, love.”

Me: “If I could choose one skill…to be mistress of…it’d be always having…uh…the best ideas…yeah. I don’t know.”

Joe: ::laughs::

Me: “I think this conversation is going to end up as my blog post.”

And so it has. But really, I don’t know if I could choose just one skill I’d like to master. I’m greedy, I want it all, I wanna be the best at everything. I’m competitive, you see. So if I could be a mistress of any skill in the world, I’d pick being the mistress of being awesome at everything. That’s a skill, right?

What’s that?

You say I’m a cheater?

Screw you. I’m awesome at everything, and you’re just jealous.

Okay, enough. Here’s some things I’d really like to master (or mistress?):

– baking (I made a pumpkin shaped cake for Joe’s birthday on Halloween, and it looked sad. Just sad.)

– packing (Joe’s the master of this one. He rolls his shirts military style and I toss everything in then sit on the suitcase.)

– folding (How does Joe get the towels folded so perfectly over the rack in the bathroom? It’s seriously a mystery to me. Are you noticing a theme here?)

– staying awake past midnight (I’ve become an old lady lately. Just look at this list so far!)

– speaking every language in the world (Oh, you’re talkin’ smack? Yeah, I know what you’re saying.)

– not letting idiot customers get to me (Really, what’s the point?)


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Happy Tuesday, everyone! Tomorrow marks yet another day of a crappy opening shift. Hooray for Early Morning Musings!


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