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Property Virgins

House hunting is…tiring. First, hours are spent online staring at house after house with ugly wallpaper and ’70s carpeting and maybe a nice yard or some hardwood flooring thrown into the mix. Once you’ve finished with that and put some sort of list together and your eyeballs are dangling from their sockets, then you can do a few drive-by’s (not those kind) and awkwardly crane your neck while still in the vehicle and try not to look too suspicious as the current owner mows the lawn and tries not to notice the bajillionth person to ride slowly by their home.

Isn’t this supposed to be fun?! Well, it did get sorta fun when we finally made an appointment with the Realtor, to see six – six – houses in one evening. ::head explodes::

But really, Joe and I were definitely excited to get the ball rolling. But as first time buyers, we don’t know much. Especially me. “Oh! This is pretty!” Joe told me to keep an eye out for water damage, mold, blah, blah, blah – “I like this bathroom!!! Look at this bathroom!” 

Give me a bill and I’ll earn the money to pay it. I’ll also earn money to hang pretty artwork and paint a red accent wall. (I’m really into having an accent wall.) So some of the first five homes we saw on Wednesday definitely had potential; I was even able to look past the wall-to-wall green decor in the living room of the 60 year old one to see how open and spacious it was. And some sent us running for the hills. The basement of the better-in-theory home backing up to a lake had a fermented cat urine stench that bitch slapped us right in the face when we opened the door, and left Joe with a horrid headache for the next few hours. The “fireplace” advertised in the cute little brick home minutes away…consisted of a cracked mantle piece and a set of plastic firewood stacked neatly into an indent in the living room wall.

But then there was number six. Number six with the detached two car garage with a loft above it, all the size of the house itself, all Joe’s music-playing-teaching dream. Number six with the hardwood floors and kitchen with tons of cabinets and counter space. Number six with the big beautiful window in the living room with a ledge big enough to put a cushion on and use as a reading nook. Number six with 1.5 baths, the clean, dry basement, the adorable stone front, the quiet street even as we toured it at rush hour. House hunting is fun!!! (Sometimes.)

We just put in a bid. Fingers crossed, friends!!!


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