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Death is:

a toddler dizzy spinning on the

kitchen tile, yelling out to the abundance of

silence in the room, challenging with the sound of

his own excited voice he is a startling comedic relief


death is food: pies, cakes, donuts drowning

in sticky chocolate stuffed with velvet creams,

coffee sizzles nearby like a waking spouse

hoagie slices stacked in potent sculptures


death is love

family, friends, acquaintances even

hugging every wall and every worn cushion

thrown about the kitchen, living room, hallway

spilling over to the back porch, front porch

standing in doorways with hands in pockets, listening


death is a deep breath


pull it all in,

let it all out and


somewhere in the distance

a city is crumbling.

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5…6…pick up sticks!

So I arrived home early yesterday morning after another glorious few days in the Poconos. This time Joe allowed me to bring one of my girlfriends (much to my surprise); he did pretty well, too, listening to us whine about men and how “fat” we are (that second little complaint was usually followed by shoving some more mozzarella cheese into each of our mouths), and he didn’t even object to our afternoon dance parties in the tiny living room.

Instead, he spent the majority of his time outside, doing what I refer to as “picking up sticks”. He hates when I say this (but laughs every time I do). But it all started one afternoon as I watch him from the kitchen window, as he indulged in his personal manly time: cigarette in one hand, beer in the other, Led Zeppelin on the radio, a large pile of sticks that had once been strewn across the yard, now stacked neatly one on top of the other. Of course I plopped right back on the couch after seeing this, only making a pit stop at the fridge for another beer.

But, I only joke around; he spends hours ripping up weeds, cleaning out gutters, and those “sticks” are our firewood so I can warm my toes at night. Occasionally I peer outside and ask if he’d like any help, but the answer is always “no, it’s okay”. Is it terrible that I breathe a tiny sigh of relief when he says this? I’m horrible. But I’d only hate to intrude on his alone time! …Right?

But, to feel like we were doing something other than eating all the food and drinking all the beer, this week I recruited my friend to help me dust every shelf in the house.

This took about…ten minutes.

And there we were, right back on the couch, watching Say Anything and eating fudge.


I got right back to it this morning, kickboxing until my arms fell off. (They didn’t actually fall off…but…you get the point.)

The afternoon came to a close after lunch with one of my best friends and the one and only adorable baby Joseph. He slept the entire time. (Even when I decided to get the other side of my nose pierced.)

Now to convince my manly man to take me out to dinner tonight.

Happy Friday, everyone. 🙂 I have some writing to do.


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Project Apple Crisp a Success

These are our yummy hand-picked apples before they were slaughtered into thin pieces and spread evenly in a glass pan. Notice my first glass of Cabernet is already gone….there were several that followed, as myself – and a girlfriend I had recruited for help – began to bake.

I wish I had a fancy schmancy camera to take bright, delicious-looking photos of the task, but alas, all I have is a Droid X with a cracked screen and a tendency to freeze up at any random moment. Blegh.

So, for about half an hour we sliced, while catching bits and pieces of “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!”; then we mixed ingredients and melted the shortening and coated the entire kitchen counter in a light, fluffy layer of flour while trying to watch Halloween.

Finally the topping was on the apples, and the pan was shoved into the oven. And 40 minutes later, out popped this:

Well, it didn’t exactly come out like that – the entire pan was full, but the aroma of cinnamon and apples filled our nostrils and we dug in before I could snap a picture. Noticed those little dry, white parts? So I didn’t cover every part with shortening. Not bad for a first try. And those dry, white parts tasted good, too….

Even Joe told me he was proud; he had 2 helpings and enjoyed them both.

My friend and I couldn’t resist 2 helpings either, especially when paired with the yummy Vanilla Bean ice cream I bought:

Like the skull and crossbones table runner? I used it to decorate for Halloween, but if it was strictly up to me we’d keep it there year round.

So there you have it: the Apple Crisp was a success, although we made a mess and killed a bottle of wine in the process. It just added to the fun! 🙂

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Nutella: A Love Story

Yeah, I'd like to do this.

I was introduced to this delicious spread by a friend on a band and choir trip several years ago. Her German mother always kept a jar in the house, and being the chocolate lover I am, of course I was all in from the first Nutella-covered pretzel.

If you are not familiar with Nutella, please, please go buy a jar. I promise your taste buds will not regret it.

Definitely would enjoy this, too.

This chocolate-y sensation is mind-blowing on just about anything. Apples and peanut butter? Pft. Apples and hazelnut amazingness! An English Muffin smothered in butter? Think again.

Dip pretzels in it. Dip fruit in it. Dip your boyfriend in it. Put it on a spoon and eat it directly out of the container.

OK – so I should probably suggest here that you enjoy Nutella in moderation. So yeah, be healthy, blah blah blah. My waistline will remind me later.

Don’t bring me down while I’m still on my sugary high.


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