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I figured this was a good idea.

It’s been 24 days since my college graduation and I’m already tired of sleeping until noon and having no homework to complete an hour before class. What a life.

I received my Bachelor’s in Writing Arts, and have been aimlessly searching the internet for “interesting” editing jobs for the past few weeks. Just one week after leaving college I had sent my resume to about 3 places, didn’t hear anything back right away, and proceeded to hide under my covers until five in the afternoon contemplating my future; of course, I was already convinced that I didn’t have one.

And so begins my journey to finding what I lovingly refer to as a “big girl” job, all while working in a corporate restaurant, having some sort of social life, attempting my first novel, and trying not to bang my head against a wall or swan dive into one of the fryers at work.

Oh…and I thought a blog would be a good way of keeping my creative juices flowing (those juices that consist mostly of Belgian Ales and margaritas).

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