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Bitten By The Lazy Bug

la-zy [ley-zee]

verb, -zied, -zy-ing.

1. averse or disinclined to work, activity, or exertion; indolent.
2. causing idleness or indolence: a hot, lazy afternoon.
3. slow-moving; sluggish: a lazy stream.
4. (of a livestock brand) placed on its side instead of upright.
All of those describe me lately. Even number four.
My clean clothes have been sitting in a wrinkled pile on the floor for two days, and Joe just dumped them on the bed and started folding them.
“I’ll do that – don”t do that!” I yelled in protest from my half-lying down position, a pillow under my legs.
“If I wait for you do to it, they’ll sit here all week. Right? Right.”
::Makes sad face::
He’s right.
A huge helping of lazy with a medium side of “blah” has been keeping me out of the gym, off of my blog, and glued to my Xbox.
Joe told me not to feel bad, that sometimes it’s okay to sit back and relax, and not run around all day every day. But five days out of seven? I’m not so sure that qualifies as simply taking some time to relax.
My new job has me working Saturdays and Sundays and only picking up shifts during the week, so if I get no call to work Monday-Friday, my ass is on the couch more often than not. I’m pretty sure I’m becoming more pale than usual, since my flesh barely ever sees the light of day.
I did start my 8-week writing course, which will be a blessing in helping me with those last few steps out of my funk. I’m working hard every day to get my confidence back, and get my life back to normal. I am work-shopping my first piece in 2 weeks, and I’m excited about receiving feedback again. Once my final draft is locked in, I’ll post it here.
Today – before turning on the television – I forced myself to the gym for the first time in a while. It felt good to sweat out some negative thoughts. It made me feel a little powerful, a little strong, a little more confident. (Those inspiring feelings promptly died when I returned home and went back to my usual routine…but it’s a start.)
I’m staying as positive as possible, but this “depression” thing is getting really old. As much as I love Winter, I find myself for the first time in my life anticipating Spring. I think I need the warmth – on my skin and on my heart.
How is everyone lately?


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