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Submit, Submit, Submit!

This is what I look like when I'm scraping for a good idea.

While strolling through the aisles of Barnes & Noble yesterday afternoon (I could spend hours in that store), I picked up a copy of Writer’s Journal and the latest issue of Poetry Magazine.

Picking up magazines and reading the poetry and short stories that get published always gives me the imaginary kick in the butt I need to get back into gear and continue submitting everything I possibly can to every literary magazine and website there possibly is.

So after flipping through the pages of Writer’s Journal, I found information on an annual contest, in which you are provided with half of a sentence to begin your story. I love writing prompts, and am definitely excited to get creative with one of these lines:

Inside the envelope…

Struggling to her feet…

Whatever you do, don’t…

I’m pretty keen on that last one, and already have a few ideas swirling inside my little head.

The possibilities are endless. So please, wish me luck!

I submitted a few poems to Poetry, which is published by the Poetry Foundation. I have all fingers and toes crossed on that one.

I’m praying that something will stick, and I’ll be able to start a platform for my future as a creative writer. In other news, the job market is still quiet. So to keep myself somewhat immersed in the literary world, I am working to get a job at the bookstore. Anything to surround me with what I love (but so bad for my wallet).

I continue the uphill struggle, sometimes bursting with inspiration and sometimes wanting to wave my white flag. So it goes for every writer; we must keep our chins up high!

                                                                                                                                                                                                       “All these words for love (for you), all these ways to say believe in symphily, to say let us live near each other.”

Reginald Dwayne Betts


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Do I look like a professional?

Maybe not. But I DEFINITELY look like an anime character. Sailor Moon?

I have a portfolio (resume, writing samples, the works). I have business cards ready for pick-up. I’M READY TO GET A JOB!

I have recently been promoted to bartender at work. On my last day of training, I waited on Phillies player Roy Oswalt and didn’t even know it. (On television, you only ever see them from the nose down. How should I know what the man looks like?) I heard he came in the next day, too; I bet he was only looking forward to finding me and my ability to make a mean Arnold Palmer, but alas, I was not there. As bartender I get to crack open root-beers and real beers and gluten-free beers and make dozens of margaritas (and Arnold Palmers). So far, I dig it.

On July 17th I’ll be getting “down and dirty” with some co-workers in the Merrell Mud Run in Fairmount Park. I’m excited, nervous, considering the early preparation of my will…but above all, excited. If I make it through the 6 miles of obstacles and mud pits alive, I plan on rewarding myself with the largest peanut-butter milkshake money can buy.

At the moment, I am shifting between this blog entry and an attempt at banging out a few paragraphs. So while I contemplate my next move, I’ll compile a short list of things to avoid while attempting to write a novel; or short-story, or memoir, or whatever.

Things all writers should avoid if they have any fighting chance of writing more than one paragraph of solid work a week:

1) While writing, log out of Facebook. Do not tweet (or whatever they call it). Turn your phone off. Log out of your email. Avoid everything that I am doing at this exact moment.

2) While a glass of wine or a beer is sometimes helpful, don’t get sloshed. Sure, I’ve had a lot of good ideas swirl around in my head while under the influence…but I almost always chose a shot over a keyboard.

3) Even if you’re not sure about it, write it. Get it down. Get it all out. Go back later and edit. Don’t stare at the screen or the paper waiting for something brilliant to present itself. It doesn’t work that way. I’m sure even Hemingway threw away a few drafts.

4) Don’t get distracted with trying to choose a title, when you could be spending that time writing any type of piece that will actually be worth giving a title to. (I really, really wish I could find a title.)

5) Write every single day. Even if for a few minutes at a time. Don’t let sleep, work, alcohol, family, your dog, or that favor you were supposed to do for your best friend get in the way.

Now if only I could follow my own rules a little more strictly.

Eat, sleep, write. Let’s do this.

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I figured this was a good idea.

It’s been 24 days since my college graduation and I’m already tired of sleeping until noon and having no homework to complete an hour before class. What a life.

I received my Bachelor’s in Writing Arts, and have been aimlessly searching the internet for “interesting” editing jobs for the past few weeks. Just one week after leaving college I had sent my resume to about 3 places, didn’t hear anything back right away, and proceeded to hide under my covers until five in the afternoon contemplating my future; of course, I was already convinced that I didn’t have one.

And so begins my journey to finding what I lovingly refer to as a “big girl” job, all while working in a corporate restaurant, having some sort of social life, attempting my first novel, and trying not to bang my head against a wall or swan dive into one of the fryers at work.

Oh…and I thought a blog would be a good way of keeping my creative juices flowing (those juices that consist mostly of Belgian Ales and margaritas).

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