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Thing, Thang, Thung

Fat book? That isn’t very nice. Also, that cat look suspicious.

Quite a while back, I rediscovered an old diary that had Winnie the Pooh on the front and talked about my love for food and boys. Well last night one of my very best girlfriends was kind enough to bring over her ridiculous book of old memories (circa 1999), and she may just have me beat for highest level of adolescent arrogance. I thought I was hot stuff, but this girl….

Well, just see for yourself. While she may be older and wiser now, she still possesses the same love for boy-watching. Get ready for some serious entertainment.

*Some names have been changed. The grammar, however, has not. 



I had a lot of fun in Ocean City. My mom let me bring *Peggy Sue with me for the week. There was a huge park across the street from my house. Me and *Peggy Sue went there almost every day. There were so many cute boys cheking us out. We decided to give them names:

Thing, Thang, Thung, at, ut, it, ya, yo, yoo, hoo, cha cha binks, tennis boy, car boy.

[This is quite possibly the best thing I have ever heard. Especially the name Cha Cha Binks. And the fact that she still lists people in her cellphone next to something important like the make of their car, or the color of their hair.]

Thing was very cute. When I saw him he was wering shorts with a shirt that was unbuttoned. He was staring at my butt when I was climbing a tree. Thing was at the park. I never saw him again. [So mysterious….]

Thang was really cute too. He had dark hair. Every time me and *Peggy Sue passed him, he would say, hi! Thung was one of the cutest ones. He had dark hair and wore sun glasses. Before he left the park, he stared up at me from the tree and moved his eye browls up and down. [What exactly what was he suggesting here, by moving his browls in such a manner? I wouldn’t trust that Thung.]

At had blondish hair and a good body. I saw him at the waterpark on Wendsday. He was wering a dark green bathen-suit with flowers. He keep starring at me. [Oh giiiiirl, he keep starrin’ at you?! I’m not sure about that At, either. guys in bathen-suits with flowers on them are questionable.]

Cha Cha Binks was driving by in a car when he saw me. First he stared, then nodded his head and stared some more. He had dark hair. [It sounds like you and Cha Cha Binks had come to some mutual understanding.]

These guys were some of my favorites. Even 16 year olds were looking at me and *Peggy Sue. [Pretty sure she was 12 or 13 at the time. Pervs! Especially that Thang.]

One day on the board-walk [You will soon learn she had a deep love of hyphenating anything she could.] it started pouring. *Peggy Sue yelled out, “I’m wet, your wet, we’re all wet!!” and these guys cheered her on. [I wonder why.] One guy said “We’re all going to die.” [Someone had to be a party pooper…] And then this one guy wanted me or *Peggy Sue to go out with his younger brother who was 13. But we said “no!”.

School Stuff 12/10/99

Guess what! Adem has a girlfried. (disapointed) 😦 [Adem fried a girl?!?!? Maybe you should have told someone about that.] 

But a few days ago I think it was on tuesday, *Bob told me that his friend Adem wanted my picture and he wan’ted to meet me. So I wait-ed by the stairs right by my locker after 7th period. Right when I saw him walk up at the top of the stairs he started smililing at me and said “hi”. So I smiled back. He seemed really shy because the only other thing he said was “bye”. Adem was so cute!!! *Bob kept telling me that it sounded like Adem liked me the way he was talking about me.

But the next day on Wed. , only *Bob passed my locker and said Adem went a different way.

But on Thursday he didn’t pass my locker again. I ask “were is he today”. *Bob said he had a girlfriend. And also that Adem didn’t want to go out with me at this time but that he wanted to be my friend. [That’s what they all say!! Don’t do it!!]

I think *Bob just said that so my feelings wouldn’t get hurt. Adem might be avoiding me because he hasn’t passed my locker in a while. A bunch of boys only want to be my friend. This sucks. Well I’m going to go to bed so I can dream about what would never happen. [This is depressing. #12yroldproblems]

The Next Day at the Mall [an excerpt]

Later on my mom stopped at *Victoria’s house so I could get changed and *Josh [yet another young man] could get droped off. After I was changed *Josh and *Victoria came into her room. After a few min. my mom said we’re gonna leave. So I said good-bye to *Victoria then *Josh. And *Josh just decides to give me a hug (I was so happy) when I went downstairs and my mom was talking so I went back upstairs. *Josh said “Back all ready” happilly. *Victoria left the room right then to do something and *Josh put the JO CD in he bought that day. He played one of my favorite slow song “I want to know” [I will forever make fun of her for that.]

I just wanted to dance with him so bad. exspecially cause he was starring right at me during it. Then he said “You were acting all crazy in the tube” [The pool tube, of course.] We were flirting back in forth saying “not ah”, “ya ha”, “I was you not me” He’s just so great. [That’s how Joe flirted with me when we first met. It was magical.]

I didn’t want to leave. I had to go in a min. So I said “Bye” He gave me another hug. (I just new he had to have some fealings for me)

My mom was talking a little more still so I was talking to *Josh downstairs. Then we left. As I walked out the door he said “no hug” in a low voice. I said “what” [This is her usual response to most things I say to her.] but he just said “bye”. I hope I get together with him again soon!! 🙂

*Josh was tall, muscular, had brown hair & brown eyes, 15 years old. [Are you getting his milk carton ad ready? I wouldn’t trust this girl…]

* and such a hottie [Don’t forget the most important part now!]

I’m gonna miss him so much. [See? She’s already planning his demise.]


I hope you guys enjoyed. I know I sure did. She’ll be reading this, so please feel free to make fun of her in the comments section.



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