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I’m Not Dead

I was truly amazed by this.

I was truly amazed by this.


You know…in case you were wondering…or something….::runs away crying::

After a week of hold-ups ruined our original settlement date, Joe and I finally signed our lives away for the next 30 years as the proud owners of a beautiful new home! We finalized everything on the eve of Thanksgiving, and spent most of that night and Thanksgiving day moving our crap in. We still have a few odds and ends to collect. We even have a kitty already! Pictures and videos to come. I plan on being a crazy cat lady. (Not really…) But I’ve already taken a disturbing amount of pictures of her lounging.

And so I come to you from the Tree House Coffee Shop, a cute little place close to our home, where they have veggie sausage and put hearts in their lattes. They also have a crappy internet connection (or my Netbook is slowly dying), which proves my love to you since it has taken me half an hour just to get this far in my post. But – they have an internet connection. I’ve been missing only half because I’ve been unpacking and walking around pantless (just because I can); the other half is because no one can get to our house to give us cable and internet until Tuesday! I tried stealing the neighbors’ internet but everyone seems to keep a secured connection around here. Silly neighbors.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We still managed to cook a turkey, and ate it surrounded by boxes. I am thankful.

So in the last week I and/or Joe have, in our new home:

  • Cooked a turkey (Okay, that was him. I supervised while drinking wine.)
  • Drank a disgusting amount of beer. (There is nothing but Sam Adams bottles in the recycling bin…)
  • Started the Insanity workout (that was me)…and I think a few bones may be on the verge of brokenness.
  • Successfully cooked dinner and served it by candlelight. (Proudly, that was me)
  • Effed up the first attempt at making pumpkin pancakes. (Me…)
  • Had boy time in his fancy new garage (Joe, obviously).
  • Scrubbed the house from top to bottom (both of us!).
  • Ordered a pizza and drank more beer (both again).
  • Rearranged the living room 80 times (him).
  • Inherited lots and lots of furniture (us!).
  • (We) kissed and hugged in our kitchen. ❤
  • (We) cuddled in bed with our new kitty. (It’s been a while since Joe has been around cats, but he was always allergic. So far, so good. Fingers and toes and eyes crossed.)
  • (We) were rear-ended (that’s what she said) on our way home from Home Depot. The moron will be paying. Everyone is fine, thank goodness.
  • (I) have never been more excited to purchase a trash can and dish rags.
  • (We) have missed an episode of The Walking Dead. I am deeply saddened.
  • (We) have never been happier.


I’ll be checking in with everyone as soon as we have our own internet. This turtle-like connection has gotten to me.

Happy Friday, everyone! And happy last day of November!





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