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Pretty little Liars (and a fantastic pair of earrings).

My little hand and my fading Liar's stamp!

The rain left us alone longer than expected (but very much appreciated) Saturday, while Nicole (another one, not me) sold her tye-dyes, purses and accessories in the heart of the Piazza and I lounged about, taking in the free show, enjoying an adult beverage or two, and spending too much money on this fabulous pair of earrings:


Gah! Aren't they the coolest?

I’ll just have to punish myself in some other way for buying them. But I’m so glad I did.

The Philadelphia Liars’ Club event was a huge success; being one of the first events I have ever attended with the intention of getting my name out to other writers, I handed out many cards and received an extremely warm welcome before I had both feet in the door. Before I could take in my surroundings a beer was slammed down in front of me and information was being jammed into my brain, of publishing companies and blogs and suggestions of what I should do with my life. I felt very much at home.

I’ve just created a Twitter account (with the advice of one of the writers I recently met) and while hesitant at first (I have had, for a long time, some indescribable hatred for Twitter), I quickly discovered why it is a great idea for me. Like any artist – musician, writer, whatever – it is a wonderful tool for networking. After clicking on the “Books” section I was immediately greeted by hundreds of publishing companies, authors, etc. Good stuff.

Today I will write, kick-box, and probably pay some bills. Tonight I will post an update with any progress I’ve made!





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