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all the best pieces of you



how would you feel

if you knew

I take all the best pieces of you

and put them into

tiny frames


they aren’t always perfect

sometimes the edges

don’t fit

they reach out

all excess


so I trim them

with the poultry scissors

beside the kitchen sink

ignoring the wrinkles

behind the cheap glass


the extra



the garbage



I turn it on

crank the water

listen to the

blending of

foreign objects


“that doesn’t belong in there”

you’d tell me

but you’re outside

clearing the snow

from the driveway


I excavate some pushpins

from the junk drawer

I scatter them like

playing darts

across the living room wall


you’re back inside

the cold sticks to your skin

and I am standing

hands on hips

admiring my handiwork


“this one’s crooked” you say

pushing upwards on one frame

with a gloved index finger

I smile and thank you

I put a finger to my lips


you are on the couch now


gloves still on

watching me move my hands

watching me tip each frame


I stand back,

you laugh,

“that’s more like it” you say

“that’s it” I say, smiling

“bad parts and all”.





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