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A Week in Crappy Photos


How does a minute suddenly become an hour? Two? Three? An entire day? A week? Blah. I do believe my blogging hiatus has gone on long enough. I could blame it on the four opening shifts I did this week (seriously draining), or just being busier than normal, or the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol….but let’s face it, I’ve just been lazy. That and my mind has just felt empty this past week. Totally devoid of anything I felt was worth telling you fine people about.

But it’s time to get the ball rolling once again. So, for those of you curious about what else has been occupying my time while I’ve been away, here is the past week, brought to you by my iPhone.


Mother came over and with her she brought this gem. I’d still rock this outfit. Look at that style, that class, that scrunchy! This was way before I got fat.


At some point we did this to the dog and laughed. A lot. We also took a lot of pictures. She loves us. ❤


Lova and I ran 16 miles in Philly!!! It was awesome. No, seriously, there was only a small chunk of time during which I felt like death, and for me that’s a serious accomplishment. Updates to come on my other blog.


I laughed at – and took pictures of – the mattress man while sitting in afternoon traffic.


At some point I tried to take a picture of me, Charlie, and the eyelashes but he kept making funny faces.


Then the cat turned into a zombie!


Then the dog turned into a zombie too. She likes to sit on my lap whenever she pleases. Brat.


And then I bought a fancy new laptop! (And that bottle of wine in the background.) And so this is where I am now, getting updated on all my favorites, and nipping the laziness in the bud. I hope you missed me. Did you miss me?!?!?!?! ::cries::

Happy Tuesday, my loves.



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Midnight Madness 2012

A year ago, exercise for me was a brisk walk on the treadmill before coming home and cracking open a Mountain Dew. Today, my only regret is that I didn’t start giving a crap about my health sooner.

Running is nothing short of therapy, both physically and mentally. I started with a mile, and gradually worked my way up… And I am proud to say a friend and I kicked ass on Saturday night with my longest run ever, the 8.4 mile loop around Philadelphia’s Schuylkill River, dubbed Midnight Madness.

We put on our glow sticks and blinky lights, and off we went. It was a blast!

Nike+ tracked us to the finish line (but Nike+ also tried to tell me I ran over 9 miles…wishful thinking but I’m pretty sure it’s wrong.)










Happy Tuesday!







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Philly 5K Color Run


This is how I spent my Sunday morning. How about you?

Seeing Sarah McLachlan tonight. Time to un-tye-dye myself for my musical idol!


July 8, 2012 · 2:06 pm

A beautiful day for a mountain run!


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