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Words for the Weekend

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Fellow blogger and dear friend Christina of Running on Sober has officially launched a new site entitled Words for the Weekend.

Here she shares music, poetry, and prose; she has the ability to dig up some of the most inspirational words and images some of us have ever seen, and she spends every day making others feel good with her findings.

I was honored to include one of my own poems in the first edition of the site, alongside several other talented writers and artists. So I urge you all to mosey on over and click “follow” – if you like to smile, you won’t regret it.


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My Head is Spinning!

Somehow, this explains how I’m feeling.

So I’ve been a little MIA from my blogging duties this past week. Not that I’m a post-every-single-day kinda gal anyway, but I’ve been especially neglectful lately. But in my defense, whole lot has been happening! Aside from me trying to make that moo-lah with lame 5 AM shifts and long weekend shifts (leaving no time for anything except a glass of wine or two…maybe three… before bed!), Joe and I make settlement on our home this WednesdaySo I’ve been tossing everything I own neatly packing my belongings into boxes and totally breaking the tape gun knowing exactly what I’m doing while I tape each one shut. (I also just tried to be cool with the strike-through and can’t figure out how to turn the font black like the rest of my post. *Le sigh*)

Meanwhile, Joe is stressing and drinking way too much coffee and buying plastic bins because his books are too good for cardboard boxes (kidding, the plastic bins are convenient) and I feel like I have no idea what’s going on and I’m supposed to be moving everything I own into our new place on Wednesday. My stomach is in knots. Like those crazy boating knots. So in a few weeks time my future in-laws are visiting from Florida for the holidays, and our belongings must be packed neatly away so Joe we (there I go again) can hang Christmas lights! Hooray! Totally stoked about having my own little writing getaway as well.

On another exciting note, after weeks of whoring around my short story, “Sirens Underwater”, it has been accepted for publication by Philadelphia’s Apiary Magazine!!!! The issue will be released December 7th, and will be available in bookstores in the Philadelphia area. I’m hoping it will also appear online, so I can link it up all over the place. This is my first publishing gig and I’m stoked. I’ve also been invited to the issue’s release party on December 7th. Time to plan my sophisticated writer outfit.

With all this (happy) stress I’ve been neglecting my love for running! But today, the best friend and I went for a great 4 mile run. I can’t wait to have a space to hang all of my running bibs, too!

But, as busy as life gets, I could never ever neglect the most important part of every Monday: Romantic Monday, that is, hosted by the suave Edward Hotspur. I’ll be posting mine shortly. I encourage everyone to participate, and read some of the other fantastic posts that have been popping up over the last few weeks. So, blog yours and link it up at Edward’s page!

It’s a beautiful day here in Jersey; the weather is in the upper 60’s. Counting my lucky stars after how blessed we were that Sandy left us with no damage. Praying for those who were just..devastated. Click here to donate to those who were affected by Hurricane Sandy. Anything and everything helps.

Here’s an awesome song. Enjoy!



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Push to Publish Part II

Last year’s Push to Publish conference was a roaring success, and I am so excited to have the opportunity to attend again this year! Tonight, I will once again be on the beautiful campus of Rosemont College for the Philadelphia Stories awards dinner, where the 2012 winning author will be presented with a big fat check and plenty of food! Hooray!

Then tomorrow I’ll put on my cutest outfit and my shiny new boots and hopefully make another good impression on the agent who showed interest in my novel last year. The first draft isn’t too far from the finish line this time around, so I can only hope I can once again spark her interest. Fingers crossed, friends!

I’ll be sure to post here tomorrow night, with all of the useful information I plan on picking up and scribbling down in my pink notebook.

On a side note: I ran 7 miles in 1 hour, 5 minutes yesterday evening! My best time yet. It’s time to put that same effort into my writing. Lots of last minute ends to tie!

Happy Friday!



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Crave You

Thought I’d share a favorite song. (Great for running!)

Happy Tuesday!

I walk into the room, dripping in gold.


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Rock ‘n’ Roll 13.1

I thought I’d share a milestone with everyone this morning!

A year or two ago – as I’ve mentioned in previous posts – exercise was not a regular part of my vocabulary. But then I got into kickboxing – awesome – then I forced myself to go running (something I’ve always dreaded), and after those first few painful runs, I found myself beginning to enjoy it. I actually get up each morning now, and look forward to my runs. It’s definitely a therapy, and an addiction.

So on Sunday morning, in the beautiful, chilly breeze that flowed through the streets of Philadelphia, I completed my first half marathon. With extremely supportive friends by my side – and the amazing crowd that kept us going with cheers and bedazzled signs – we tore through the Philly Rock ‘n’ Roll half; bands played on the sidelines every few miles, which made it even cooler – and very rock ‘n’ roll, of course.

My predicted finish time: 2 hours, 30 minutes.

My official finish time: 2 hours, 30 minutes, 10 seconds. How cool is that?

Next goal: a full marathon.



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If this was a year ago, I’d probably still be lying face down in one of the mud pits.

Yesterday morning, as the sun came up and the majority of Philadelphia was just falling into a vodka-induced sleep, myself and four of my fellow employees voluntarily put ourselves through six miles of steep hills, narrow trails, and sloppy pits of mud and gravel in the Merrell Down & Dirty Mud Run.

I have spent the last year converting myself from lazy, video game lovin’, cheese steak eatin’, insecure young girl, to active, still video game lovin’, broccoli and grilled chicken eatin’, confident young woman. (And it just so happens that I am in fact eating a chicken cheese steak while writing this…But hey, it’s been a while.)

Before the mudiness, obviously. Ready to go with my "Merrell" headband!

I managed to complete the entire six miles without any need to stop, slow down, or walk around an obstacle. I extend a very special thank you to my fellow servers; apparently our teamwork abilities go above and beyond the subject of french fries and sirloins.

My wonderful boyfriend let me give him a big muddy kiss soon after I crossed the finish line, and my best friend got herself out of bed at the crack of dawn to yell my name as I crawled through the final pit. I feel strong, I feel accomplished, and I am very proud of myself for doing something I never would have dreamed of (or even wanted to) a year ago.

As we could not handle our own cameras with muddy fingers, post-race pictures are coming soon.

My souvenir, that will likely be framed and hung next to the junk food cabinet:

Not so sure I'll still want those Oreos if I have to look at this first.

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