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tell me what is

I used to make these


scrawled onto scrap

paper written desperately

with ink in a

child’s old journal sometimes

even on my hands, my arms,

those problematic thighs

beneath the school desk

of nothing inspirational

no to-dos or groceries,

just this:

teeth not white enough

laughter not bright enough

too thick, too sensitive

too irrational

too much of nothing.


eventually I burned all the

stationery I stopped

reminding myself of

silly human imperfections

even stopped looking in

the mirror for a while

because if I couldn’t

love me at least I

could forget what it

was I longed to

change, and I have

since glimpsed my

reflection in those

who’ve tried to

tell me what is

good and every time

I stay a little longer,

look a little deeper,

maybe even understand.


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she is confidence in shadows

night is me, she says.

she is confidence in shadows, navel full of moonlight,

lips parted and dreaming at the windowsill.

in darkness she is an outline to be envied, a handful of diamonds

shaking off the dust,

a glimmer with no sun.

where there is nothing to be seen

she sees a vision of herself

braided into strands of silk like

a delicate world wonder, a towering element

of temporary strength.

night is a pastime she keeps

in the linen closet.

confidence is a distant friend

that glows when no one is watching.


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