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what words for this?

sandy hook


I’m shocked. I’m appalled. I’m all of those things that every other person who caught the news this morning is feeling.

I turned down the Christmas music I had blaring, put down my cup of herbal tea, and scrambled for the remote. And I cried. A lot. Every shooting in my life time has made me sick, but this one…twenty children? Twenty children… dozens of Christmas presents probably wrapped, under the tree, or hidden away in closets until Christmas Eve because most of them probably still believed in Santa

Like Edward Hotspur said – yeah, sometimes life sucks, sometimes it really fucking sucks, maybe sometimes you even feel like giving up altogether. But what is accomplished in murdering a group of our innocents just before taking your own pussy life? I’m just sorry no one had the pleasure of taking it for you after what you’ve done. 

My stomach is in knots, still. My heart shatters for those families. Happy Holidays? This world really sucks sometimes.

Not feeling very Christmas-y today.


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