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Twit Skyblogger Award

Look what I got!!!!!!

A huge thank you to the always hilarious and witty Edward Hotspur  for calling me a twit and also honoring me with my first blogging award, the Twit Skyblogger Award.

I’d also like to thank myself, for being awesome enough to receive this award.

In accepting this award, there are certain rules I must follow, according to Mr. Hotspur. And so, here are the following:

1.) “Post a picture of something silly.” These stupid “memes” crack me up every time. 

2.) “Tell everyone 5 things about yourself that are painfully embarrassing. Or tell everyone 5 things about other people you know.”

Hmph…I suppose I’ll reveal 5 things about myself. Not that you can prove they’re the truth or anything…

1 – I didn’t know Santa Clause was a fraud until I was 10. (If you’re 10 and you’re reading this, sorry. If you’re past 10 and you now feel cheated…I’m sorry for you. I felt embarrassed enough at 10.) 

2 – I once leaned backwards into a candle and lit my hair on fire.

3 – I once went half a day at school with my shirt on inside out; until someone finally let me know it was on wrong. (Hey, this was painfully embarrassing as an 11 year old.)

4 – My first experience with alcohol included a six pack of Smirnoff Ice and a solo cry fest….

5 – In the third grade, I was the best speller in class; I was chosen to represent our class in the school’s annual spelling bee, where my nerves took over and I spelled the word “amazing” wrong. Painfully wrong. Don’t ask me how wrong. I don’t wanna talk about it.

3.) “Tell everyone your favorite joke.”

My favorite jokes are inappropriate for my blog. 😉

4.) “Finally, before you hit publish on your acceptance blog post, right click, hit ‘paste’, and paste whatever is in your buffer into the post. You must hit ‘publish’ after that, no matter what you just pasted.” 

230 Pension Road Englishtown, NJ (732) 446-7800

Well that’s no fun….but wanna know what that address meant to me today? Here it is:

Another one of these things.

Happy Saturday!!! I’m off to do some novel work. 🙂


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