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Early Morning Musings Part IX: Level Me Out

I rise and fall

I am gradient

Tilted, tailspin

A landslide of heart and flesh

Not pitch perfect

All slant and downgrade

Of teeth and hair and memory

Crashing hills of caved-in scars

Precipitation in a desert of desires

A rock in the dark foundation

Staring up at the sliver of light

Through a crack in a sagging floorboard

Leaning, learning, level me out

I claw for inclination, for groove

For fiery ascension

Happy Friday, everyone! ❤

(And to my wonderful, beautiful blogger friends who care about me – please don’t worry, there’s nothing bad going on, I just had some burst of inspiration touching on a subject like this this morning. Maybe it’s the cold, and the snow.)





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Romantic Monday – They’re Here, Still

city snow

it snowed again

last night

a brightness in the moonlight



the quiet screamed

at me again

look at it all

your footprints in the wet

your body in the white

they’re here, still

i expected you

to melt it all


As usual, head on over here to view a beautiful poem from the man who started it all (and for even more Romantic Monday posts).

And here’s a little taste:







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