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The Shade of the Ocean


i left when you wanted me to,

when your two bare hands evicted me

with little more than neon

pumping through your veins.


you sat me young and round

on a throne made of newspaper

where at high tide i faded to ashes

and the shade of the ocean.


but you saved my breath

and scrawled out my name

when delicate hues of mother earth

curved like horseshoes over our heads.


what conditions were placed

in my unknowing fist,

still pink and porcelain?

the fluorescents must have blinded me.


for ages you fashioned me a

crown of roses and watched them die,

every petal leaving with a quiet thunder

that scratched another notch within reflection’s view.


the garden you’d dug

when i was a seed

flourished and fell and you grew bored,

caring for such an unpredictable crop.


so as the storms raged i was flooded out

while you held tightly to

washed up polaroids

folded hastily into a pocket of your jeans.


like sad confetti in a dresser drawer

i sprinkle newspaper reminders on strands of your hair

when you aren’t looking,

you’re never looking.


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Romantic Monday (Week 2) – Oh, Sandy

And so begins another Romantic Monday! Click here to read Edward Hotspur’s hauntingly gorgeous tale.  (There’s also a link there to all of the other awesome posts!)

Oh, Sandy

Oh, Sandy

Don’t pretend that

I’m the only one

I saw you on the news

Blowin’ that entire neighborhood

Oh, Sandy

I only like you when the lights go out

And you drag chills across my skin

Where the sheets do not cover


Oh, Sandy

I only crave you when I’m drunk

Until then you’re no fun

Creepin’ on my back porch


Oh, Sandy

You’re electric

You make my windows shake

You make my back door slam


Oh, Sandy

You’re such a tease

They told me to be weary

Of you


Oh, Sandy

Are you coming?

I’m waiting on my turn

To dance with you


Be safe, everyone!

Maybe next week I’ll finally write about the (real) love of my life. I think he’s getting jealous.












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Surviving Irene; My First Bucket List

Saturday night..

and totally prepared.

The East Coast has had quite an exciting week: an earthquake, a hurricane and in the aftermath, a few new swimming pools in places they shouldn’t be. While I was happy to hear that friends and family were safe following the earthquake, I must admit I’m disappointed that I was high on a mountaintop during those few minutes that the earth literally moved under my feet. Damnit.

And on to Hurricane Irene; I’m ashamed to say I joined the hundreds of others elbowing old women and spitting death threats over the last carton of eggs (but at least I was just heading for the water and some canned chicken breast). What are you going to do with those eight gallons of milk if your power goes out for a few days? If a tree smashes through my roof or the eye of the storm is trying to rip me out of my basement, I’m not going to be worried about my Calcium levels.

So, Saturday morning, pre-storm-of-the-century, I went out and purchased only the essentials: water, batteries, booze, 3 cans of chicken breast, and 1 can of beans. (OK – pretty random, but it’s my first time hunkering down for a natural disaster outside of my parents’ home.)

Then I went to work.

We opened at 3, and closed at 6. The power went down at approximately 6:05.The rain was getting heavier by the minute.

The kitchen and dining room turned into a rain forest and I sweat my way through a quick cleanup of the bar, making margaritas by flashlight and just trying to get the hell out of there.

Once home, the two Joes and I played Uno (where someone took advantage of the amount of alcohol in our systems and cheated his way through the game – but I still won. HA!) and listened to some Blues, playing a guitar and a harmonica and totally provoking Irene.

Hours later we’re drunk, I’m swinging the Rock Band mic like nobody’s business, and the lights flickered once.

Fast forward to the next morning: horrible flooding in other parts of Jersey and Pennsylvania (side note: my condolences – all along the East Coast – to the families of any lives lost, and to the communities that have experienced severe damage to property), but our neighborhood is still intact and there’s a gorgeous Fall-like breeze in the air. Hm.

Not that I wanted anything bad to happen…but it would have been pretty cool to see a car fly through the air or something (as long as no one was in it…and as long as it landed somewhere away from any one or any thing….). Yeah. Thanks, Irene.

So anyway….

These events hitting so close to home has brought me to my reasoning behind this post. I’ve decided to create my own Bucket List (which I’m sure will get larger over the years), and while I am still young and relatively healthy, I’d like to get a head start on accomplishing some of the things I want most out of life before I make my way to the other side.

So here they are; some are large, some are small. Some are just dumb. Some likely won’t happen. But that’s okay.

My List of Things to Accomplish Before I Croak

My bucket WOULD have fried chicken in it.

1. Get published. (Obvious. Preferably a novel, but a short-story or anything along those lines would feel good, too.)

2. Get married.

3. Have a child, or two. (No more than two.)

4. Try a Pumpkin coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts. (I have yet to try one, and it sounds delicious.)

5. Visit the Edgar Allan Poe house in Philadelphia.

6. Travel outside of the United States. (Anywhere and everywhere.)

7. Punch each member of the Jersey Shore cast directly between the eyes (except Pauly D. I don’t know why, but I like him.)

8. Meet and share a bottle of Merlot with Sarah McLachlan. Then sing, together, every song she has ever written. (My idol.)

9. Receive my Master’s Degree. (Trying to begin accomplishing this come Spring.)

10. Beat up Vanessa Hudgens and make out with Zac Efron (I wouldn’t trade Joe for anything in the world – but this must be done.)

11. Ride through the streets of France on a moped, with a baguette and a flower in my basket.

12. Eat – completely guilt-free – an entire order of french fries smothered in cheese and bacon. And wash it down with a large Mountain Dew.

13. Buy a brand new vehicle.

14. Win the lottery and help out a few people in my life (and maybe some of those who aren’t) – then do some serious shopping.

15. Play a game of paintball with all of my friends.

16. Go horseback riding.

17. Skydiving.

18. Lay out on a nude beach. (Strange, scandalous…but intriguing.)

19. Take a road trip to Salem, MA and research the witch trials.

20. Check out every haunted house I possibly can.

21. Get many more tattoos.

22. Learn how to play chess.

23. Finally read Paradise Lost.

24. Become fluent in another language.

25. Find and punch the person that once stole my Versace sunglasses.

26. Take a course in Math and get an A.

27. Start a book club.

28. Volunteer at a homeless shelter.

29. Lose 7 more pounds.

30. See another Broadway musical.

This list can go on and on, so I’ll just end it here. Some frivolous, some very important to me.

I am curious to know what everyone else would put on their lists.


“So many people walk around with a meaningless life. They seem half-asleep, even when they’re busy doing things they think are important. This is because they’re chasing the wrong things. The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.”

– Mitch Albom (Tuesdays With Morrie)





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