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My Sanity Has Three Phases

Thanks, Pinterest.

Thanks, Pinterest.










I feel as though my life has three phases, each lasting for a steady week or so before transitioning to the next.

Here they are in no particular order (except normalcy is never ever directly followed by another week of the same. that’s just crazy talk.):

Phase One: Normalcy. 

You know, just day-to-day whatever-ness. Work, food, wine, maybe a stubborn coffee ring on the cheap kitchen counter that needs a good scrub with a Mr. Eraser. Nothing to make me want to pound my head against the refrigerator.

Phase Two: Absolute fucking chaos. 

Just as phase one is winding down, I arrive home from work to find out the small dog has pissed on our couch in smelly revenge when husband took away her rawhide. Well played, asshole, well played. Cue us lifting it onto a snow pile on the front lawn. At least I’ll be getting a new couch out of the deal (Until then we squeeze onto the loveseat. Not romantic when two dogs are trying to squeeze in there, too). Perhaps something else is destroyed, a customer calls me a name, we get another eighteen feet of snow. Things continue to snowball until I am in the fetal position ripping out tufts of hair, probably with some kind of injury by now (to top things off), and likely doing shots of vodka before noon.

Phase Three: A refreshing stream of good luck. 

Like, laughter and rainbows and puppies that don’t piss on couches. That’s like heaven on earth in this household, people. In times like these the zoo doesn’t wake the household until at least 9:30 AM. The coffee maker doesn’t take so damn long to brew my cup (the Keurig is dying on us). I have three days off from work and we actually get the Christmas decorations put away before Valentine’s Day.

I love to see others smiling, having an awesome day, that kind of day we all wish we could have ALL. THE. TIME. Yesterday was that day for me and I’m still smiling.

Ah, refreshing. 

Yesterday morning I woke up and checked my Twitter for the first time in several days; The Daily Post had shared my piece I’d written in response to the Weekly Writing Challenge. AWESOME!! Being recognized by WordPress twice within just a few months made me hold my head a little higher. It feels pretty damn cool to say the least.

Then Joe and I headed into NYC last night for a taping of That Metal Show. With a little help I’d managed to score us free tickets and it was an amazing experience. I’d never been to a taping of any kind before, and the entire process was very interesting (clap here, look here, nod here, now laugh). Even better? We were seated right by the area each guest entered through, Myles Kennedy grabbed my hand, and I’m pretty sure my giant noggin will be all over your television screen this Saturday night. So if you’re a fan of the show (or if you just want to see me trying not to look awkward on TV) tune in to VH1 Classic this weekend at 11PM!!

Some highlights:

Myself and Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge!

Myself and Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge!

The set!

The set.


It was a great time and a very energetic crowd. The cast and crew were so nice.

Hosts and guests mulling about after the taping.

Hosts and guests mulling about after the taping.



We went to bed all smiles last night. And this morning? I woke up to this.

I’ve been waiting months, hoping Offbeat Bride would feature us, and they did. Best day (and a half) ever

So, cheers to Phase Three. I’m dreading the end of it all; by this time next week I should be buried under my comforter with an empty bottle of wine.

What’s the best day you’ve had recently? 

P.S. – That awesome banner up there with me all half-zombified? My extremely bad-ass friend Adam over at Chowderhead made that for me. So if you’d like to spruce up your own page with a fresh look, please click here and hire this dude to get the job done. You won’t be disappointed.




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My Head is Spinning!

Somehow, this explains how I’m feeling.

So I’ve been a little MIA from my blogging duties this past week. Not that I’m a post-every-single-day kinda gal anyway, but I’ve been especially neglectful lately. But in my defense, whole lot has been happening! Aside from me trying to make that moo-lah with lame 5 AM shifts and long weekend shifts (leaving no time for anything except a glass of wine or two…maybe three… before bed!), Joe and I make settlement on our home this WednesdaySo I’ve been tossing everything I own neatly packing my belongings into boxes and totally breaking the tape gun knowing exactly what I’m doing while I tape each one shut. (I also just tried to be cool with the strike-through and can’t figure out how to turn the font black like the rest of my post. *Le sigh*)

Meanwhile, Joe is stressing and drinking way too much coffee and buying plastic bins because his books are too good for cardboard boxes (kidding, the plastic bins are convenient) and I feel like I have no idea what’s going on and I’m supposed to be moving everything I own into our new place on Wednesday. My stomach is in knots. Like those crazy boating knots. So in a few weeks time my future in-laws are visiting from Florida for the holidays, and our belongings must be packed neatly away so Joe we (there I go again) can hang Christmas lights! Hooray! Totally stoked about having my own little writing getaway as well.

On another exciting note, after weeks of whoring around my short story, “Sirens Underwater”, it has been accepted for publication by Philadelphia’s Apiary Magazine!!!! The issue will be released December 7th, and will be available in bookstores in the Philadelphia area. I’m hoping it will also appear online, so I can link it up all over the place. This is my first publishing gig and I’m stoked. I’ve also been invited to the issue’s release party on December 7th. Time to plan my sophisticated writer outfit.

With all this (happy) stress I’ve been neglecting my love for running! But today, the best friend and I went for a great 4 mile run. I can’t wait to have a space to hang all of my running bibs, too!

But, as busy as life gets, I could never ever neglect the most important part of every Monday: Romantic Monday, that is, hosted by the suave Edward Hotspur. I’ll be posting mine shortly. I encourage everyone to participate, and read some of the other fantastic posts that have been popping up over the last few weeks. So, blog yours and link it up at Edward’s page!

It’s a beautiful day here in Jersey; the weather is in the upper 60’s. Counting my lucky stars after how blessed we were that Sandy left us with no damage. Praying for those who were just..devastated. Click here to donate to those who were affected by Hurricane Sandy. Anything and everything helps.

Here’s an awesome song. Enjoy!



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Property Virgins

House hunting is…tiring. First, hours are spent online staring at house after house with ugly wallpaper and ’70s carpeting and maybe a nice yard or some hardwood flooring thrown into the mix. Once you’ve finished with that and put some sort of list together and your eyeballs are dangling from their sockets, then you can do a few drive-by’s (not those kind) and awkwardly crane your neck while still in the vehicle and try not to look too suspicious as the current owner mows the lawn and tries not to notice the bajillionth person to ride slowly by their home.

Isn’t this supposed to be fun?! Well, it did get sorta fun when we finally made an appointment with the Realtor, to see six – six – houses in one evening. ::head explodes::

But really, Joe and I were definitely excited to get the ball rolling. But as first time buyers, we don’t know much. Especially me. “Oh! This is pretty!” Joe told me to keep an eye out for water damage, mold, blah, blah, blah – “I like this bathroom!!! Look at this bathroom!” 

Give me a bill and I’ll earn the money to pay it. I’ll also earn money to hang pretty artwork and paint a red accent wall. (I’m really into having an accent wall.) So some of the first five homes we saw on Wednesday definitely had potential; I was even able to look past the wall-to-wall green decor in the living room of the 60 year old one to see how open and spacious it was. And some sent us running for the hills. The basement of the better-in-theory home backing up to a lake had a fermented cat urine stench that bitch slapped us right in the face when we opened the door, and left Joe with a horrid headache for the next few hours. The “fireplace” advertised in the cute little brick home minutes away…consisted of a cracked mantle piece and a set of plastic firewood stacked neatly into an indent in the living room wall.

But then there was number six. Number six with the detached two car garage with a loft above it, all the size of the house itself, all Joe’s music-playing-teaching dream. Number six with the hardwood floors and kitchen with tons of cabinets and counter space. Number six with the big beautiful window in the living room with a ledge big enough to put a cushion on and use as a reading nook. Number six with 1.5 baths, the clean, dry basement, the adorable stone front, the quiet street even as we toured it at rush hour. House hunting is fun!!! (Sometimes.)

We just put in a bid. Fingers crossed, friends!!!


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A “Healthy” Dose of Crazy

Me, first thing in the morning. Attractive, eh?

My car needs a good wash. There’s laundry to be folded. I have 3 unfinished short stories and a novel screaming my name. The milk expired 2 days ago. Do you ever just want to scream and throw yourself overboard?

I have anxiety (me and a thousand others) and sometimes the smallest of tasks can send me into an unorganized fit. But I suppose being overly concerned about making the bed is better than not caring at all? Maybe. At least I get things done.

But that feeling is then pushed aside on the days when I can barely drag myself out from under the sheets. What then? The car remains dirty and the laundry stays in the basket. Cue the anxiety again.

I need a vacation.

Oh, so true.



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