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A few Fall-Time ditties

As I’m sure most lovers of music would agree with me, I prefer certain songs/artists depending on the season. Fall is not only my favorite time of year because of the colors, the clothes, the smells, and Halloween (of course) – it’s also my favorite because it’s the time I dust off my vinyl, piece together relaxing nighttime playlists on my Ipod, and light up my pumpkin spice candle to the tune of Sarah McLachlan.

So, I put together a short list of some of my favorite Autumn tunes (in no particular order).

Ten of My Favorite Fall-time Ditties:

1.) Billie Holiday – “You Go to My Head”

Her voice is smooth and hypnotizing; and Jazz is a remedy for all seasons. But there’s something special about “You Go To My Head” that makes me smile, when the leaves are falling and a crisp breeze is wafting through the window (kind of like right now). It makes me all giddy and I think of how lucky my other half makes me feel.

Alright, I won’t get too mushy.

A favorite line of mine: “And I find you spinning round in my brain, Like the bubbles in a glass of champagne.”


2.) Alanis Morissette – “Utopia”

Listening to “You Oughta Know” usually brings out my claws and my feminist side, but Alanis’s softer side is my therapy one season out of the year. “Utopia” is soothing; it makes me want to take up Yoga or go on a picnic. I don’t know – it’s just good.

“We would stay and respond and expand and include and allow and forgive and enjoy and evolve and discern and inquire and accept and admit and divulge and open and reach out and speak up.”

I want to hug someone.

3.) Cary Brothers – “Ride”

Bet you thought it was going to be an actual pair of brothers, didn’t you? Nope. Just one guy. One sexy…brooding…wait, what? Oh, about the song.

“Ride” has this little guitar thingy (love my way with musical terms?) going on in the background that just makes me happy. If I remember correctly, it is on the soundtrack of The Last Kiss, a wonderful movie. And Cary’s voice is…calming. Yeah, we’ll go with calming.

“If I told you the reasons why, would you leave your life and ride?”

I’m pretty sure I’d ride into the sunset with him.

4.) Bon Iver – “Bloodbank”

A lovely song. Is it sad that, in all my American ignorance, I pronounced his name in all my nasally glory as “Bon Eye-ver”, until I heard the beautiful and proper French pronunciation on the radio a few weeks ago? Ah, well. Either way, this song puts me to sleep – in a good way.

“Then the snow started falling. We were stuck out in your car. You were rubbing both of my hands, chewing on a candy bar.”

5.) The Veils – “Vicious Traditions”

So the lead singer sounds like he’s eating something during the first verse, since you can barely understand him through the mumbling, but it doesn’t make this song any less awesome. It’s got a sort of lazy sound to it, and makes me want to dance around my bedroom in a pretty dress, wearing a hat I have that looks much similar to his ^. Eventually, it builds up to a powerful ending that makes all the laziness worth while.

“He danced with the devils in beautiful buildings.”

6.) Jewel – “You Were Meant For Me”

OK – pretty sappy, kinda sad. But I love the lyrics and how can anyone not like Jewel?! Another song I like to tap my toes to while I’m lying in bed on a chilly morning.

“I got my eggs I got my pancakes too. I got my maple syrup, everything but you.”

I totally get it, Jewel. 😦



7.) A Perfect Circle – “3 Libras”

I love violins, and I think it’s the violin that grabs me from the very start; followed by Maynard Keenan’s amazing voice, of course. The violin then weaves itself in and out of the rest of the song, and just gives it this sort of slow, sad feeling even as the music gets a bit heavier.

I guess I’m into depressing music? Hm.

“Here I am expecting just a little bit too much from the wounded.”

8.) Sia – “Breathe Me”

Is the picture not enough to show you why she’s so awesome?

Alright, I guess I am into some pretty depressing music. Even as the song builds up to a strong ending, the lyrics and the piano are enough to make you shed a tear. But it’s. so. good. I think anyone can admit to feeling how she does in this song, at one time or another. Vulnerability at its best.

“Be my friend, hold me. Wrap me up, unfold me. I am small, I’m needy. Warm me up, and breathe me.”

9.) Amos Lee – “Arms of a Woman”

Oh, Amos. His music makes you want to fall in love. I mean…I’m already in love…but if I wasn’t…you get the point.

I could choose any of his soft, melodious tunes, but “Arms of a Woman” just happens to be one of my favorites. I do like a man that can give in to his emotional side.

“I am at ease in the arms of a woman. Although now, most of my days are spent alone. A thousand miles, from the place I was born. But when she wakes me, she takes me back home.”

10.) Sarah McLachlan – “World on Fire”

Most of my close friends know of my healthy obsession with this woman. (I swear it’s healthy!) Because of that, I could obviously choose any of her songs to put on this list; for me, her music is listen-able for all seasons. 24/7. Amazingly talented. However, I chose “World on Fire” not only because of the amazing lyrics and meaning behind the song (not to mention the video – please YouTube it if you’ve never seen it. It’s amazing.), but because I have a line from the song tattooed along my right shoulder.

“The more we take, the less we become.”


So there it is – a few of my Fall-time favorites.

What are some of yours?

Here’s a few others I didn’t add, as to keep with the idea of writing about 10 of my favorite Autumn songs:

Jose Gonzalez – “Heartbeats”

Dave Matthews Band – “#41”

City & Colour – “Cowgirl In the Sand” (Cover)

Fiona Apple – “Pale September”

Fleetwood Mac – “Gypsy”

The Postal Service – “Recycled Air”

Sufjan Stevens – “To Be Alone With You”

Telepopmusik – “Close”

The Cranberries – “Empty”

Sigur Ros – “Saeglopur”

Some mornings, Joe does bills to the tune of the Classical music station on his Itunes. I love waking up to the sounds of Beethoven or Mozart.

Enjoy the beautiful weather with your own soundtrack! 🙂


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