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Restaurant Blues










Just another week in the life of a bartender.

A few days ago:

A woman was determined to steal the tall Blue Moon glass she was drinking out of.

First drink (22 oz.): “Do I get to keep this glass?”

Me: “I’m sorry, you don’t.”

Customer: “Is this 22 ounces?”

Me: “Yes….”

Customer: ::goes back to texting; ignores me::

About 15 minutes goes by….customer orders another drink (a 16 oz. this time).

Me: “Would you like another?”

Customer: “Yes! A small one. But I want to hold onto this glass.” ::claws wrapped around 22 oz. glass::

Me: “Okay….”

::Another 15 minutes or so; she orders another small beer::

::As I place the new beer in front of her, I take the 22 oz. glass that is now empty and off to the side::

Customer: “Are you sure I don’t get to keep that glass?!” ::wink::

Me: “I’m sorry, you really don’t get to take the glass…”

Le sigh.
And then, there’s today.

A young man comes in, orders a vodka and cranberry alongside a shot of vodka. He rejoices over the price, apparently significantly less than what he paid for the same order in another restaurant in the same terminal.

I check on him, he’s doing well, I go off to take care of other customers; when I return, his shot glass is empty, his glass is sucked down to the bare cubes, and he is gone. I peer out of the glass and see him standing in line, waiting to board his plane.

I casually walk out into the terminal, and up to said customer, check in hand.

Me: “Excuse me, were you coming back?”

Customer: “No…”

Me: “Were you going to pay this?” ::I hold up check::

Customer: “I gave you my card!”

Me: “I really don’t think you did. If you did, and I forgot, I apologize. Let me check.”

::Customer follows me back into the restaurant::

Customer: “I had two slips, and a pen, and everything. I signed something!”

::I check computer. No payment was ever received.::

Customer: “I signed something.” ::”Searches” pockets::

As he continued to protest, he handed me his credit card anyway.

If you’re so convinced you really did pay..why are you handing me your card “a second time”?

Slip signed. No tip.

I’m drained. Oy vey.


Happy Tuesday, friends! -_-






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Writing, Gobblers, & the Life of a Waitress

Around here, Thanksgiving comes early.

The weekend dragged by; I worked a lot, serving those sort of customers who wave their hands frantically above their heads as if they were stranded on a desert island and have just spotted a plane overhead. But, no…they just desperately needed another Diet Coke.

My job brings me home covered in whipped butter and smelling like a pizza shop. By the end of the weekend, my uniform is smelling up the laundry room. But, these are the things you just accept in the restaurant business! It’s still worth it to walk out with your earnings at the end of the night.

OK – so I’m already breaking my vow to not write about NaNoWriMo, but I’ll keep it brief. My posts have lessened because of it! And I even typed “writing prompts” into Google a moment ago, because it’s been difficult for me to focus on anything except the mindset of an attractive young stripper in 1985. Alright, well I suppose I can think of other things…that mindset may make the rest of my daily life pretty interesting.

My point is that my creativity is fizzling! So, please, forgive me for my lack of entertainment this month. This is me assuming I am usually quite entertaining. No, no don’t tell me the truth – I’d rather go on thinking I’m awesome.

I’ll just make it to December with the always interesting posts of my favorite bloggers!

So on to the picture I posted up there. If you are not familiar with Wawa or the delicious, steamy, Thanksgiving-explosion-in-your-mouth Gobbler, I suggest you get your booty to the East Coast, or a state over this way that has Wawa (New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia), or get someone to mail the amazingness to you (not sure how well that would go over).

I know each state has their own convenience store they know and love, so I’m just doing a bit of representin’ for my own area’s favorite place to get a drunken snack at 2AM. The “Phoodies” had lovely things to say about the Gobbler, including that it made them want to light up a doobie afterwards. How can you go wrong with that? “Final Judgement: YAY.”

I especially liked the first comment underneath the article:

  1. 1 Art Nov 6th, 2008 at 3:33 pm
    1. Big fan of the Wawa Gobbler. But turbocharge that jawn and add bacon. The smoked crunch completes the sandwich, making it my favorite on the touchscreen.

What isn’t better with bacon?


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