you are little more than
silk against my breast,
eyes closed with gentle
willingness while I am
frantically carving every one
of your miniscule movements
in a place where I can pit them
against my own lack of comfort –

these early suns and moons
are all those ones we should
remember like dreams, if
only I could stop trying to
decode the twitching of your
eyelids, counting your lashes,
listening for your ocean breath
through a misshapen shell –

you are content despite
your mother’s beautiful
weariness, her eyes that
are glass no matter your state
and I have been told that I
will still sneak to you at night,
when you are much larger than
I am, if only to steal a little peace.


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16 responses to “Mothers

  1. What a wonderful poem – the words are like candy: sweet and enjoyable.

  2. Kir Piccini

    This, this is the essence of mothering in stanzas.
    Such beautiful words.

  3. You describe this magical time so wonderfully well! giving birth to your first child, and giving birth to yourself as a woman and as a mother… you were born together in a way 🙂

  4. Saloni

    Well the way you describe this experience of motherhood is beautiful!!

  5. Oh so gorgeous! And yes…you will continue to sneak those beautiful moments of peace.

  6. Such beauty in motherly love 🙂

  7. huckleberryfrienduniverse

    Ah… That was soothing…

  8. lifeasagaymom

    I hope your enjoying your new motherhood miss Nicole!!!

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